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Phinsider Question Of The Day (W/ Live Thread, General Discussion) 04/09/2020

Allstate Sugar Bowl - Baylor v Georgia Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Tonight’s Phinsider Question Of The Day is of course...wait for it, is about quarterbacks. I can already hear the sighs and the people saying “AGAIN!?!”. It’s going to be okay, I think, maybe... Anyway it’s the time of year when no one throws out more smoke screens and flat out BS than NFL teams coaches, GM’s, owners, ect... We never really ever know what to think of the news coming at us from seemingly every direction. Everyone has a “source” but when there are so many conflicting “sources” on the same exact subject it leaves you assuming that the source was never a source but what some media type made up or the source was full of **** or the source was fed bad information intentionally or gave bad information intentionally. And in this day and age, with some much on the line for each franchise monetarily with each pick and each move you can assure yourself that every one of these things are happening and most likely from every single team in the NFL.

I seriously doubt that anyone that actually knows what the Miami Dolphins brain trust is thinking on the quarterback position going forward and are not letting their true thoughts leak out and if they do they are just going to cover those up with more intentional “leaked” information to throw anyone, media, fans or other NFL teams off the scent. I am fairly sure that every draft results in multiple team higher ups throwing a fit because said team right in front of them ensured them that they had no interest in the guy they just drafted that you had your eye set on. So goes the cut throat side of the draft and pro sports in general. It’s one of the few things in society where we accept this level of selfishness and deceit in the holy name of moving our beloved teams one step closer to a future championship. Oh how so many of us across the country are disappointed each season as we curse the other teams with the coaching and GM’s that figure out a formula that works and wins even if our disdain is only drive by our own jealousy.

This all brings me around to the current Miami Dolphins quarterback situation. There are so many camps in this thing that I have lost count. I have seen everything from those that believe that the only reason that Josh Rosen is still on the roster is that he is the eventual successor to the position in the teams mind despite the owner stating that he wishes he was a better quarterback but he’s just not. Then there are those that are lining up behind one of the top two or three quarterback prospects from LSU’s Joe Burrow to Alabamans Tua Tagovailoa to Oregon’s Justin Herbert. Everyone seems to have a favorite and each has a reason that the others are sure busts or at least have a very high potential to bust.

Given what we have learned over the years while watching poor team after poor team draft quarterbacks in the first round some of us are correct. Someone that people think will be a franchise guy for 20 years will either bust and be out of the league in a few years or if they have just enough to be effective from time to time they can hang around for a lot longer as a journeyman backup which might be one of the better jobs you can get. You have a higher chance of leaving the NFL with no lasting effects, especially to your head and brain while also carving out a niche for yourself in a difficult league to stay in while also making more money than 99 percent of us will ever see in our lifetimes.

So here comes the actual question after I have dragged this out with my usual babbling, do you think, given that one of the things that newish Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores has brought to the Dolphins, his version of the “Patriots Way” would work in Miami the same way that it worked for the New England Patriots and we could take one of the “lesser” quarterbacks in this years draft (assuming Josh Rosen is not in their future plans)?

Let me clarify my question and the reason behind it some more. Over the years the Pats have ruled the NFL to the point that in a period of a very few years they have compiled an impressive record and an impressive number of division titles, conference championships and Super Bowl Trophy's. Much of this credit is given to Bill Belichick and of course Tom Brady. There have been more than a few that have wondered over the years if Brady is that good or is he a product of a system that no one else has figured out how to duplicate? I assume Brady is one of the smarter guys in the NFL at this point just having done it at a high level for so long so I am not suggesting that he’s not good but perhaps that he’s not as good as we all see him. I guess he will get to prove us right or wrong this season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

I used to call BS on that until I saw Brady go down here and there and the team just kept rolling as if he was the man behind center. This in turn earned some backups some huge paydays the following season only to see them suck or at best be barely viable as the starter. So was it that teams did not have enough tape on these guys when they looked like one of the best starters in the league? Well many of them played more than a couple of games and usually it only takes maybe two games for an NFL level defensive coordinator to pick apart the new guys tendencies and find his weaknesses before exploiting them in a successful manner. We have all seen this happen up close and personal with our own Miami Dolphins. Two, maybe three great games, hell they don’t even have to be great from the quarterback standpoint, they just have to win and our beaten down fan base is ready to anoint him the next starter all the way up to the next Dan Marino.

First off there is and never will be another Marino in my opinion. He did things that were unheard of at that time while defenses could have their way and damn near tackle your wide-outs while still in their route with few fouls called. You could also just about beat a quarterback to death in a game and not receive a single flag. Now days you can be easily flagged for pass interference for just touching the wide out at times as the call is so subjective, even more so than holding calls which are also many times BS since they call them for nothing but other guys get flat out mugged and nothing is flagged. The roughing the passer call, which I agree with based on it’s principal is called far too often, even when you barely touch a guy. Marino today, behind a solid offensive line would torch most of the current records in my opinion. This is not to say that the guys today that are breaking all of his records would not have been great quarterbacks back then they just would not have been Marino.

So for my second surprise question, with the “Patriots way” and the way that they can seemingly plug anyone in and keep rolling at times do you see the Dolphins possibly drafting one of the so called “lesser” quarterbacks in this years draft class?

Here are the names that follow the top three that I have already mentioned above:

  • Jake Fromm- Georgia Year: Junior | Age: 21 | Career starts: 41| Height: 6-2 | Weight: 220

Last seasons stats for Jake were 2,601 yards for 22 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. His strength’s are seen as his high football IQ and his competitiveness while his weakness is see as his lack of deep ball accuracy.

  • Jacob Eason- Washington Year: Fourth-year junior | Age: 22 | Career starts: 25| Height: 6-6 | Weight: 227

Last seasons stats for Jacob where 2,922 yards for 22 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. His strength is seen as his arm strength while his weaknesses are seen as his lack of flexibility and his lack of short area agility.

  • Jordan Love- Utah State Year: Fourth-year junior | Age: 21 | Career starts: 32| Height: 6-4 | Weight: 225

Last season stats for Jordan were 3,085 yards for 17 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. His strengths are his good size for a quarterback, his strong arm, his raw tools and his mobility while his weakness seems to be ball security.

  • Jalen Hurts- Oklahoma Year: Senior | Age: 21 | Career starts: 41| Height: 6-2 | Weight: 219

Last seasons stats for Jalen were 3,634 yards for 32 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. His strengths are considered his competitiveness and his mobility while his weakness is his overall accuracy.

Please use this live thread to discuss anything you wish from the days topic to of course your Miami Dolphins to whatever your kid/grand-kids are up to these days. Please remember to not delve in to any topics that involve religion or politics for obvious reasons. Other than that its up to you so long as you are following the sites rules.