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Phinsider Radio: Dolphins needs and potential movement in the 2020 NFL draft

Guess who’s back? Back again. Jake and Josh are back, tell your friends.

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As we push through the most crucial offseason in Miami Dolphins’ history, Jake Mendel (@JMendel94), and I (@Houtz) will bring you the latest Dolphins news and analysis that you won’t find ANYWHERE else. Enjoy! #FinsUp!

In this episode of Phinsider Radio, Jake and I discuss the latest NFL draft rumors surrounding the Miami Dolphins. Is their love for Justin Herbert genuine? Could they make a move for LSU QB Joe Burrow or will they stay at #5 and take whichever quarterback falls into their lap? Is Tua Tagovailoa still their guy, or might they be shifting their focus to Justin Herbert or Jordan Love?

We then break down the Dolphins draft needs, which include offensive tackle, offensive guard, defensive end, defensive tackle, running back, and of course, quarterback. How will Miami approach this original draft? How will Zoom hold up with 32 NFL teams and general managers all jockeying for position?

I wrote an article earlier this week on the Dolphins’ five most significant draft needs.

Lastly, we discuss what Miami might do with their 14 draft picks. Where might they decide to trade up or down in the first round? How about the rest of the draft? Could they use some of their ammunition to fill the gap between pick #71 and #140? What should we expect from this draft class, and how soon should Chris Grier be graded?

All of this and more on today’s episode of Phinsider Radio!

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