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Miami Dolphins jerseys: What is your favorite jersey that you own?

Dan Marino - Miami Dolphins - File Photos Photo by Allen Kee/Getty Images

Earlier today, I asked on Twitter for the most embarrassing jersey you have in your closet. I will collect those answers later to add to a post. You can head over to my profile if you want to join in on that discussion, and there have been a lot of answers already.

Here, we are going to follow up on an SB Nation question from earlier in the week. What is your favorite jersey that you own? Why? Is it just a cool different look? Is it special because of how you got it or did you make a memory in it?

My answer is four...or five...or....well, I can probably come up with about three or four more to add. Like my Dolphins white Marino in the 1980s style. That one should be added to this list:

What is your favorite? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page.