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Dolphins looking to get into Leonard Fournette trade talks with Jaguars?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins have been attacking needs throughout the 2020 NFL Draft, adding a quarterback, multiple offensive linemen, multiple defensive secondary players, and a defensive tackle. They have been systematic, while not swaying too far off their draft board. But even with players like Tua Tagovailoa headlining the draft class, there is a hole still to be filled by the Dolphins - and now it seems like it may come via a trade rather than adding a prospect.

The Dolphins have 15 total draft picks this year, including one from the Green Bay Packers they added in the fourth round in a trade back in the first round. That is an insane number of selections. Yet, Miami has not been able to get a running back through their first six picks. The team reportedly was high on J.K. Dobbins, only to see the Baltimore Ravens select him with the 55th overall pick, one before Miami would have landed him.

Jeremy Fowler on ESPN’s SportsCenter believes the Dolphins could turn to a trade to land the running back they will pair with free agent acqusition Jordan Howard. “A few people around the league believe, Miami could eventually ramp up in the Leonard Fournette discussion,” Fowler said this morning. “Now, they filled a bunch of needs in the draft, didn’t get a running back. They liked D’Andre Swift, the running back out of Georgia, that was the word, but they couldn’t get position for him in round two. The Jaguars have had trouble unloading Fournette, who is talented but has some of the character concerns. Maybe Miami would be willing to give up a late-round pick to get into the sweepstakes.”

Fournette has an $8.6 million cap number for 2020, with the Jaguars picking up $4.5 million of that if a trade were to be made. Miami currently has $22.7 million in cap space, according to the NFL Players Association, with around $18 million of that needed for their rookies.

Would Fournette require a new contract? Could the Dolphins look at adding him as a one-year rental to push the running back draft need back a year?

Should the Dolphins jump into the Fournette sweepstakes?