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Welcome to Miami, Tua Tagovailoa!

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The Miami Dolphins jump started their franchise rebuild on Thursday night with the selection of quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. It is a move meant to get the Dolphins out of two decades of mediocrity and back into being one of the elite franchises in the league. It is also a move that has excited the fan base in a way not many moves in recent history has.

Now, welcome Tua to Miami with another great shirt from our friends over at BreakingT! You have seen our Miami Miracle shirt, our Quit Doubting Us shirt, and, still my favorite, our Sacks On The Beach shirt. This one is up there with #SacksOnTheBeach. With Tagovailoa joining the Dolphins, it is time to say aloha. And, welcome Tua new era in Miami, and you can grab your shirt below.


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