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Dolphins rebuild jump starts with Tua Tagovailoa pick in 2020 NFL Draft


The 2020 NFL draft did not disappoint.

We saw plenty of surprises and watched a handful of good players fall out of the first-round entirely. And then, of course, the trade talks at the top of the draft between the Dolphins and Lions turned out to be nothing more than a perfectly executed smokescreen.

So, first, Bravo, Brian Flores.

Bravo, Chris Grier.

You did a masterful job in disguising what the Dolphins’ true intentions were. More impressive, you had the cajones to take a chance on a game-changing QB—a QB who has the talent to change the game of football.

Tua Tagovailoa is special. Period.

And most importantly, he is their guy.

So now, all those fans that preached he was injury prone and wouldn’t translate to the NFL game, its time to rally behind Miami’s new QB.

Your new quarterback.

It shouldn’t be hard to root for one of the most accomplished QBs EVER in the history of college football.

A player who puts his family first and relationships with his teammates at a high priority.

During his three year career in Tuscaloosa, Tua completed 474/684 for 7,442 yards, 87 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions. He won a national championship as a true freshman. The list goes on and on, but I keep going back to one word. Special.

It’s not something we’ve been able to say a lot over the last two decades, but the Dolphins made the right pick.

And don’t worry, he knows the #13 belongs to the greatest QB of all-time.

Best of all, the Dolphins now have a young QB who can sit and learn behind one of the more grizzled veterans in football. Tua will get to pick the brain of Ryan Fitzpatrick, a man that has played in the league for 17 years. A 37-year-old veteran that understands Chan Gailey’s offense as good as anyone.

(I wanted to ask how will you approach having a 37-year-old veteran quarterback like QB Ryan Fitzpatrick available to you? What if anything do you know about Ryan?) – “I would say it’s – First off, just being able to understand the kind of person he is. I know he’s been a great leader for this organization, he’s been a great team player. Guys like that, he’s played behind Jameis Winston and then he has an opportunity to play here. He has so much knowledge of the game to where I think it’s best that I nitpick him, ask him how he goes about preparing for a defense, what are the differences between this and this. Just being able to question him and learn under him, I think is going to be my biggest thing.”

Over the next two days, Miami should continue to build the offensive line to help protect their investment. Because if there’s one thing we learned during his time in Alabama, or from some of the recent failures in Miami, is that without an offensive line, success is hard to achieve.

Brian Flores helped lead a group of misfits to five wins in 2019. And now, he and Chris Grier have found their QB of the future. This pick jump-starts the Dolphins and should allow them to make a play for the Iron Throne at the top of the AFC East.

Well done, Dolphins.

And welcome to Miami, Tuanigamanuolepola Tagovailoa

Josh Houtz wrote this article. Follow him on Twitter (@houtz)