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Dolphins hit ‘home run’ with Tua Tagovailoa draft pick

LSU v Alabama Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins used the first of the their three Thursday night picks in the 2020 NFL Draft to add Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. It was a pick that the team needed to make to jump start the rebuild of the franchise, and it is one that has been projected for nearly a year.

It is not one without risk, however, as Tagovailoa has injury concerns. Between ankles and hips, he has had numerous surgeries, and there is worry about whether he will be ready for the NFL. Miami could look to redshirt him for a year, allowing him to full recover and add strength as Ryan Fitzpatrick starts the 2020 season, but whatever the case, Miami has the quarterback of the future for the club.

How is the pick being seen by analysts? SB Nation’s Cam Mellor has already written about the selection. He says:

Color me not worried in the slightest about the hip injury sustained last season and more drawn to concerns over Tagovailoa’s ankle injuries. Still, he’s a sure-fire elite-level starter when healthy who presents trouble for any defense with his pinpoint accuracy and athleticism.

Tagovailoa was considered a lock to be the top quarterback in the 2020 draft class before Joe Burrow’s meteoric rise and the left-hander now gets to battle with a slew of youngsters for top quarterback in the AFC East. Tagovailoa’s downfield accuracy is among the best I’ve seen in some time and plays outside of structure incredibly well.

This is a home run for the Dolphins, who weren’t scared of the injury history from Tagovailoa.

Did the Dolphins hit a home run with Tagovailoa? It will take some time to know for sure, but on Draft night, it sure feels like it.