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2020 NFL Draft: Miami trades back at end of first round

The Dolphins are making a move back and add another pick

Capital One Orange Bowl - Virginia v Florida Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins have made a trade! This is going to get fun now, as the Dolphins have now moved back from the 26th position to the 30th spot and added a fourth-round pick in a move to give the Green Bay Packers the spot. Green Bay selected quarterback Jordan Love from Utah State with the pick.

Miami came into the 2020 NFL Draft with 14 picks, the most in the league. Now, they have added another pick to that tally.

Dolphins picks:

Round 1 Pick 5 - Tua Tagovailoa
Round 1 Pick 18 (from PIT (Minkah Fitzpatrick)) - Austin Jackson
Round 1 Pick 26 (from HOU (Laremy Tunsil/Kenny Stills)) - Traded to Green Bay
Round 1 Pick 30 (from GB)
Round 2 Pick 7 (39)
Round 2 Pick 24 (56) (from NO for 2019 second round)
Round 3 Pick 6 (70)
Round 4 Pick 30 (136) (from GB)
Round 4 Pick 35 (141) (Compensatory)
Round 5 Pick 7 (153) (from MIA (Josh Rosen) via ARI (Kenyan Drake))
Round 5 Pick 8 (154) (from JAX via PIT (Minkah Fitzpatrick))
Round 5 Pick 27 (173) (from BAL via LAR (Aqib Talib))
Round 6 Pick 6 (185)
Round 7 Pick 13 (227) (from IND (Evan Boehm))
Round 7 Pick (246) (from KC (Jordan Lucas))
Round 7 Pick (251) (Compensatory)