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Could the Dolphins pass on another franchise-changing quarterback on Thursday night?

One writer’s cryptic tweet indicates the possibility.

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Whether the Dolphins take one Tua Tagovailoa in the top-5 of this week’s draft has been bandied about here and throughout social media for months. Finally approaching the draft’s finish line, everyone is thirsting for any kind of insight on what Miami will do at five. It’s already hard enough to get a good read on an organization’s true draft intentions with the media in and around the building and the organization in a normal year. It’s virtually impossible to get a strong feel for a draft that’s going to be, well, virtual....with less people in the building tied into what’s going on.

All we can go on is hunches, and Sun-Sentinel Fins beat writer Omar Kelly offered this tidbit on Twitter today during a thread questioning whether Tua will be drafted by Miami tomorrow.

Cryptic, but certainly decipherable. This followed a series of tweets between Kelly and our own Josh Houtz regarding the prospects of taking Tua and understanding the fans being fed up with the organization’s two-decade failure to solve their QB issues. Am I currently tilting at a windmill while reading some tea leaves in the middle of a cloud of smoke surrounded by mirrors? Perhaps. But it does plant a small seed of doubt in my mind that an organization in prime position to land a superstar, franchise-changing quarterback is going to mess it up once again. That we’re looking at the newest version of 2006.

And make no mistake - Tua is going to be a superstar. A franchise-changing quarterback for someone. He’s performed at an elite level against the best level of competition in college football. He’s the most sure thing available from a talent perspective after Burrow and could easily end up as the best QB in this draft. I’ll put my name on that. I’m a big boy.

However, if Kelly’s intuition has any legs, Dolphins fans in search of Tua as their answer to this franchise’s 20-year quarterback carousel might want to start preparing themselves mentally for at least the possibility of yet another gut-ripping disappointment on draft day.