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The Dolphins 2020 drafts hats have dropped!

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Every year, the NFL releases a new set of “draft hats” for prospects to wear at the NFL Draft and for fans to buy. The past few years, the hats have been questionable at best. That changes with this year’s hats - especially for the Miami Dolphins.

The NFL seems to have gotten it right this year. The simple outline of the logo in team colors on a black hat works perfectly. Whichever model of the hat you like, the look of the logo is well done. The black background makes the aqua and orange pop. (Side note: I still want to call it coral - anyone else still think of it that way?)

Through our Phinsider Team Store and with our friends at Fanatics, you can pick up your draft hat right here. Below are each model and a link that can get you straight to the hat. Check them out and grab one today.