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Sunday Evening Random Live Thread/Draft Talk & Draft Information

As we are all now living in a world that seems shut down with no live sports to be found anywhere this event should get most sports fans at least somewhat excited as it’s something to watch live even if there is no actual live action. It’s always at the very least fun to watch the highlight videos of the players that your Miami Dolphins selected each year giving us hope for that player that sometimes never plays out but no reason to ruin the fantasy in April during a pandemic lock down.

This years draft will begin Thursday evening covering just the first round. The coverage begins at 8:00 PM EST and is expected to run until approximately 11:30 PM EST. Thursday night should be must watch television for any true Miami Dolphins fan as we hold three picks in just the first round. Most “experts” expect the Dolphins to either trade up or stay put and pick one of the top three quarterbacks in this years draft.

Friday night will feature the second and third rounds of the draft. Friday nights action for the Miami Dolphins will again be busy with two picks in the second round and one more in the third round. Coverage of these two rounds will run until all picks are chosen.

Friday will be followed up by the third and final day of the broadcast beginning at noon eastern time. Saturday will feature the last four rounds (4-7). Your Miami Dolphins hold one pick in the fourth round, three picks in the fifth round, one pick in the sixth round and three more picks in the seventh and final round of this years draft.

This years draft will be shown on the NFL Network, ESPN and ABC with ABC only covering the first three rounds. ABC will be doing their own version of the broadcast with the NFL Network and ESPN combining their broadcasts as a single broadcast show on both networks. Streaming of the draft will be available on both the NFL Mobile app and the WatchESPN app. Additionally you can stream the draft via YouTube TV and Sling TV.

The usual live draft that was originally scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada to help highlight the fact that the Oakland Raiders will from this season on (or at least until the crazy ownership decides to move yet again) play in Las Vegas as the Las Vegas Raiders because pirates in the desert make so much sense...anyway... Now as most of us know the draft has been moved due to the CoVid scare to a “remote” draft.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will handle his usual duties of calling out the names of the players picked in the first round of the draft from the basement of his own home in New York. We should all be used to seeing famous people broadcasting something or another from their own basements or living-rooms by now. The teams will be broadcasting and making their picks remotely from either their personal homes or from their facilities.

The NFL has sent camera’s to the top 58 prospects in this years draft so that we can see their individual reactions from their personal homes. All of this television coverage from various locations around the country will be coordinated and produced by ESPN in their Bristol, Connecticut studios. Lets hope that they are spending this lead up time practicing but I would expect some snags along the way and some team crying fowl.

Please remember to continue to follow all site rules during any of the evening live threads. Feel free to discuss this upcoming NFL draft, anything to do with your Miami Dolphins and as usual just about anything else that you wish to talk about. Please remember that the no politics and no religion rule applies to all post and all subjects. We all have an opinion but some are nothing but disruptive on a sports site.