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2020 NFL Draft big board: 350 prospects from The Phinsider

Miami Dolphins v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The 2020 NFL Draft is six days away. The three-day selection process will feature 255 prospects being added across the league, with the 32 teams trading players and picks to make sure they land that key player who will solve all their issues. The Miami Dolphins will be one of the most active teams during the three days, using their 14 draft picks, including six in the first 70, to rebuild a roster they tore down last offseason.

The Dolphins have to be aggressive, but they also have to make sure they are landing the right player at the right position. The team, according to general manager Chris Grier on Thursday, will be finalizing their “big board” over the weekend and into Monday as they look to make sure they are prepared for anything during the Draft. Meanwhile, here at The Phinsider, we finalized our big board today.

There are 350 prospects listed on our big board, broken down by position and round. The positions are weighted by Dolphins need - though I would consider tackle and edge rusher more of a need for the Dolphins than a quarterback this year, I think quarterback in the long term takes the top spot. I did the majority of this, while Houtz took a look and made some adjustments to where he thought I was off on my assessment. So, thank you to him for keeping me straight.

I know you will disgaree with a round ranking or why someone is ahead of the prospect you like. Big boards are always different and your rankings will be different than mine. But, that is what will make this fun. Where am I way off? Do you agree with some of my rankings?

(The board is in picture format, so you should be able to click to enlarge if needed. I would put it in the table format, but it does not keep some of the formatting and it is too wide to work properly. Hopefully this works for you.)