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Do the Dolphins have what it takes to trade up for Joe Burrow?

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There’s one question that has been asked to every member of the coaching staff and front office of the Miami Dolphins since the moment they traded Ryan Tannehill to the Tennessee Titans: who will be the quarterback of the future? Many of the media pundits have said over and over that the best choice for Miami is Tua Tagovailoa, but the biggest question to be answered is what team will draft Joe Burrow out of LSU. I say the Dolphins have the pieces to draft Burrow and not ruin their future like the Redskins did gambling on RG3.

The Dolphins enter the 2020 Draft with three first-round picks (5,18, 26), two second-round picks (39, and 56), one third-round pick (70), one fourth-round pick (141), three fifth-round (153, 154, 173), one sixth-round pick (185), and three seventh-round picks (227, 246, 251). For a team looking to upgrade the quarterback position in the draft, this is a huge amount of draft capital to have, especially with an already high first-round pick. It isn’t like the Dolphins are trying to trade from pick 29 to the first overall pick; they are moving up four spots to get the quarterback they need to be a winning organization for years to come.

The Bengals are just as dependent on drafting a quarterback in this draft. It is likely that if the Dolphins do not trade their pick with the Bengals, Cincinnati will draft Joe Burrow as the successor the Andy Dalton. The Bengals have been in desperate need for a new quarterback for at least the past two years and this looks to be the draft that they shoot their shot. This does not mean that the Bengals will not trade away the number one overall pick, but they will defiantly need to have a trade that is worth them moving down in the draft, even if it is only four picks.

If the Bengals do indeed trade the first pick in the draft, the Dolphins are going to have to give Mike Brown a trade he cannot refuse. For this trade to work, the Dolphins will have to at least trade two of their three first round draft picks. I see them giving up the number five and number 26. This would at least give the Bengals a chance to have a high first round player as well as a lower first round player they feel fits their system. I also see the Dolphins giving up their fourth-round pick this year and a second or third-round pick from next year to get this trade done. This allows the Dolphins to trade up to the number one selection to draft Joe Burrow and gives the Bengals enough draft capital to be able to still feel like the trade was worth it.