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Phinsider Question Of The Day (W/ Live Thread, General Discussion) 03/09/2020

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

Today’s Phinsider Question Of The Day will probably feel a bit like groundhog day. Yes, yet another question about quarterbacks. As the quarterback situation affects our Miami Dolphins there are two or three strings of thought going around via various fan sites and even from some in the media. Keep in mind that this current Dolphins staff seems amazingly good at keeping what they are going to do in-house. Rumors will swirl but most are just some idea that someone has and they roll with it as the truth. Others are told something by someone that may or may not have heard something but even those tend to only be about half right. Point being that only the Dolphins know what the Dolphins are actually planning on doing.

The main line of thinking is that the Miami Dolphins are set on this or that quarterback and will spend one if not multiple first round picks to get the player they want. The argument of spending whatever it takes if you believe the guy coming out of college is your guy and will be your guy for the next 10 to 15 years probably makes it worth the cost, whatever it is. This is probably still the direction the team goes in but of course none of us really know. Also, it’s long since been proven that no matter how good a guy seems in college it does not mean a damn thing once they get to the NFL. So many things have to line up for a quarterback to be successful and a few have made it big time in the NFL and were going to no matter where they had landed while others had to find the right system, coach, team, surrounding talent to make it and many more just come in as the next anointed one and then just flame out...another first round pick thrown away...

The other line of thinking is that they are going to not draft a quarterback and everything is smoke and mirrors at this point but the team knows good and well what their plan is. One of the scenarios if this happens is that they are going to build in the trenches and try and fill other giant holes in the roster. In this situation two things are probably happening. One is that they think or know that they have their guy in-house. Maybe they think Josh Rosen is the long term answer and know that learning behind Ryan Fitzpatrick is the best thing he can do to learn and get better in the long run. Much like Aaron Rodgers had to do behind Brett Farve. Maybe they don’t know what they have in Rosen and they are going to hold steady for one more season and then if they are not sold on Rosen they drop one of next years two first rounders on their guy.

With that in mind, if the team does not draft a quarterback this draft do you think they should just roll with Ryan Fitzpatrick or should even he have some competition in the off-season? Normally it would seem fine to stick with they guy you already have under contract but this is a unique off season. Rarely do we see so many big name quarterbacks out on the free market. Some of these guys are young and maybe we find our guy by accident because it’s just a young guy that needed a new start. Tom Brady is obviously free but he’s not going to sign with a team that is rebuilding. He wants a chance for another ring or he might as well just go home. Phillip Rivers is probably in the same boat even though he is still looking for just one ring. Either way both of these older guys will be starting for someone come September.

Then there’s the guy that we all know very well, Ryan Tannehill. This is a complicated one. It’s not certain that the Tennessee Titans will resign Tannehill and they have said as much. Maybe that’s a way to eventually keep his salary in line or maybe they mean it and they might go with someone else. Fans in Miami either seemed to like Tannehill or blame him for anything and everything that went wrong. Did he just need to get out of Miami and get a fresh start or was his amazing success a result of the system and the guys around him? Would Miami even welcome Tannehill back? I have not heard even a single rumor about Tannehill returning to Miami but it’s still an interesting scenario to think about.

Jameis Winston is another big name that’s out there and there’s a lot of talk that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers may not sign him to a new contract. Only in today’s NFL could a quarterback hit the free market following a season where he had 5,000 yards passing and 33 touchdowns be a question mark for most teams. I guess that’s what 30 interceptions gets you. So teams will have to ask themselves which version of Winston he will eventually become. I assume healthy he will always make the amazing plays but can someone come along and coach his mountain of bad decisions out of him? Either way maybe you could get him at a discount if you were to throw in a lifetime supply of crab legs.

Teddy Bridgewater is another guy that’s still young enough that you could easily get a good decade of play out of him. He played very well during Brees’ absence last season, winning all five of those contests. I also doubt that Bridgewater wishes to continue to ride the bench for another year or two now that Brees has stated that he wishes to keep playing. Either way he’s a guy that teams will be taking a look at. Another first rounder that just needed a few years for it all to come together or maybe he’s meant to be a career long back-up.

Andy Dalton is still under contract with the Cincinnati Bengals but is said to be on the trade block as the Bengals are in rebuild mode. Dalton has been around for a while but is still a reasonably young 32 for a quarterback. Dalton never seemed to be a franchise guy but he has been mostly solid during his career and might be able to take a team far with the right surrounding cast. He has been to the pro bowl three times so there is talent there and like everyone else on this list will be playing for someone next season but no one knows where as of now.

Then there’s the guy that lost his job to the guy we cut and were willing to take an 18 million dollar cap hit to just get him out of town. Marcus Mariota is another guy that came out with much hype following him winning the Heisman and eventually being selected second overall. He managed to look fairly good in his first couple of seasons starting before injuries started to slow him down and affect his play. I think he’s one of those guys that will either go elsewhere and shine with the change of scenery or just prove to be a solid backup.

And lets not forget Case Keenum. During the 2017 season Keenum looked awesome while playing with the Minnesota Vikings. He’s not done much with his change of scenery playing with the Washington Redskins but the talent is somewhere in there, maybe he just needs to find the right staff to pull it out of him or like others enjoy your career as a backup (although this may be the best gig in football).

So the question, after all that, is what would you have the team do? Is the answer in-house now? Do they have to go get their guy during this draft or maybe next years draft? Maybe bringing in one of the big name quarterbacks that are going to be floating around out there is the answer for a year or two or maybe if they are still young enough they are the answer period. What are your thoughts?

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