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Dolphins should do WHATEVER it takes to get ‘their quarterback’ of the future

Miami’s front office has an important decision to make as the NFL draft quickly approaches

Alabama v Duke Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I think it’s crazy how far we’ve come.

During the 2019 college football season, Dolphins’ fans had to convince themselves they liked Joe Burrow. And who could blame them? From the very first day of the new league year, whispers of Tank for Tua began to leak.

After all, most of the fanbase has been enamored with the Hawaiian QB since the beginning of time. But for those that haven’t, anything seems to be a better alternative. I think if he never got hurt, Tagovailoa would be the best QB in this class. But no one cares what I think. After all, I liked Lamar Jackson, Josh Rosen, and oh yes, Paxton Lynch.

The cold hard truth is that no one knows how a prospect will translate, and that’s even more true at the QB position.

But let’s pretend for a second that the Cincinnati Bengals would be willing to part ways with the #1 overall pick. Is it crazy to think that Zac Taylor, would prefer another QB? We know he coached Justin Herbert at the Senior Bowl. And we know Herbert has often been compared to Ryan Tannehill. What if that was the QB he long desired?

Spoiler Alert: Justin Herbert is better than Ryan Tannehill.

What should the Dolphins do?

Before I get into it, let me make one thing crystal clear.

The Dolphins are going to draft a QB.

This is not a theory, and no, I don’t pretend to have sources. But trust me, the Dolphins will draft a QB next month. But the question is not whether or not they draft a QB, it is which QB is the guy, and what will it take to acquire him.

Joe Burrow is probably every NFL team’s #1 QB. The season he just had was the best in the history of college football. I repeat, JOE BURROW JUST HAD THE GREATEST SEASON IN THE HISTORY OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL. So, if Cincinnati were dumb enough to make that trade, the Dolphins would probably have an interest. But let’s assume Burrow is off the table, then what.

Tua Tagovailoa, no matter what

I was not the first person to speak Tua’s name into existence. I did the complete opposite. I honestly didn’t think the Dolphins would ever have a chance at the once-in-a-generation QB, but here we are. I never believed there was a better QB in this class than Tagovailoa, and that remains true until this very day.

We know the injury concerns, we know the durability issues, but when healthy, there are very few QBs in the country as good as Tagovailoa. And yes, we all saw the workout video that surfaced a few days ago. He’s much further along than many anticipated.

If I were in charge of the Dolphins, I would do what it takes to land Tagovailoa. If that means a trade up with Washington or Detroit, then so be it. I know folks on Twitter like to pretend that they know everything. Heck, I’m one of them. But no one knows what it’s going to take to land Tua. No one knows if there will be a bidding war to get this promising young QB. Miami has to decide before April 23rd if he’s their guy and make a move.

But if they do still have concerns with Tagovailoa’s health, what next?

Jordan Love or Justin Herbert

This brings us to the last of the top-four quarterbacks; Oregon QB Justin Herbert and Utah State’s Jordan Love. We KNOW the Dolphins have done their homework on these guys and have done so for the last several years. At the Senior Bowl, Miami got a front-row seat at both guys. Marino spoke highly of Love, and the team rushed him in last minute for a formal interview before the league offices shut down. And we know the Dolphins had a front-row seat at Herbert’s pro day, where he got along very well with coach David Lee (no one seems to know what his official role is with the team, so we’re going to stick with this).

Face it, Miami has done more research on these four QBs than we give them credit for. And with a stable of Chris Grier, Reggie McKenzie, Marvin Allen, Brian Flores, and Dan ‘mf’n’ Marino, there is no better team in a position to land their franchise signal-caller than the Miami Dolphins.

We can all sit here and debate that Tua is the guy or Burrow. Maybe it’s Herbert or Love. But all that truly matters is what the Dolphins’ front office thinks. If they believe the QB of the future is Jordan Love, THEN MAKE IT HAPPEN. Same with Herbert or my personal favorite, Tua Tagovailoa. Burrow, depends more on Cincinnati than it does Miami, but you get the point.

Have conviction in the QB, no matter what.

Do whatever it takes to get the guy that can turn the franchise around, no matter what.

I’m tired of the Ryan Tannehills, and ancient journeymen. I want greatness. We ALL want greatness.

Have conviction in a guy and make it happen.

I don’t know who the Dolphins will draft on April 23rd.

You don’t know who the Dolphins will draft on April 23rd.

But as long as they get the guy they covet, that’s all that truly matters.

This article was written by Josh Houtz. Follow me on Twitter (@houtz)