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Phinsider Question Of The Day (W/ Live Thread, General Discussion) 03/29/2020

In this photo illustration the American football league The... Photo Illustration by Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Today’s Phinsider Question Of The Day is just a blunt how are you handling the current CoVid 19 situation in your life and in your home? Are you staying in more or maybe not going out at all? Are you taking extra precautions or like some just continuing on with life like nothing is happening? How has this affected your job and or your family? Are you working from home or out of work all together for this? Are you getting paid if you are out of work? Do you have kids stuck in the house going stir crazy and what sorts of things have you come up with for them to do? These are tips that might help others.

I would like to request that no one here judges anyone else for their answers as we all have a right to make our own decisions. Along with that I would say at the very least avoid people the best you can because you never know who is immune compromised and we don’t get through anything in this country if we don’t do it together. Also, DO NOT make any political statements or anything that can be considered such. Many of us have strong feelings on both sides but they do not belong here. My hope is that these kind of discussions are the things that will help us help each of us to get past an unprecedented point in our lives and for our country. I pray that every site member here is being as safe as they can given their individual situation because each of you matter to us as we are a family here on the Phinsider.

My wife as many of you know is a full time health care provider and in the trenches and I will say this is not a joke so if nothing else please take this seriously.

Please use this live thread to discuss anything you wish from the days topic to of course your Miami Dolphins to whatever your kid/grand-kids are up to these days. Please remember to not delve in to any topics that involve religion or politics for obvious reasons. Other than that its up to you so long as you are following the sites rules.