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Clay Fejedelem: Your Newest Miami Dolphin

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have wasted no time making moves this offseason! One of the biggest sneaky good players in the defensive free agent market has been signed by the Dolphins, and his name is Clayton Fejedelem!

Fejedelem was a key player on a Cincinnati Bengals defense that did not have much to talk about in terms of talent. With the Bengals being in such shambles, Fejedelem’s 15 total tackels wasn’t the greatest stat line to have for a safety, but the young defensive back has shown that he has potential and talent. In 2018 he accumulated 35 total tackles and one forced fumble. With the Dolphins revamping the team’s defense and Fejedelem’s potential both on special teams and at safety (even if his technique needs some seasoning), his added depth can be a key cog in making this team successful.

As this offseason goes on we will all see what other significant moves Chris Grier and the front office make, but with the cap room that the Dolphins have, they have a great opportunity to make some impactful signings. Time will only tell how this team develops and how effective those moves turn out.

Update: Fejedelem’s contract is a three-year deal.