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Miami Dolphins add fourth-, seventh-round compensatory picks for 2020 NFL Draft

NFL Draft Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The NFL on Tuesday announced the 32 compensatory selections for the 2020 NFL Draft. The Houston Texans received the highest of the picks, sliding into the third round with the 33rd pick, or the 97th overall selection. The New England Patriots received the most picks, adding four more selections to their draft. In total, 15 teams received at least one compensatory pick.

Picks are awarded based on a formula that factors in free agents lost and signed from the previous offseason, as well as contract value and play time for each of those players. Any postseason awards earned are also added into the consideration. Teams are capped at four picks gained.

The Miami Dolphins added two selections in the compensatory picks - the 141st overall pick (35th pick in round four) and the 251st pick (37th pick in round seven). The team lost free agents Brandon Bolden, Frank Gore, Ja’Wuan James, and Cameron Wake in 2019, while adding Ryan Fitzpatrick and Eric Rowe.

Injuries this season to James for the Denver Broncos and Wake for the Tennessee Titans hurt Miami’s chances of moving the 141st overall pick to one of the earlier compensatory picks.

The 32 picks awarded this year were given to the Patriots (4), the Denver Broncos (3), the Houston Texans (3), the Minnesota Vikings (3), the New York Giants (3), the Philadelphia Eagles (3), the Seattle Seahawks (3), the Baltimore Ravens (2), the Dolphins (2), the Chicago Bears (1), the Dallas Cowboys (1), the Los Angeles Rams (1), the Pittsburgh Steelers (1), the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1), and the Washington Redskins (1). The Giants could have had an additional pick, reaching the four-pick limit with the Patriots, but the formula ranked that selection as the 33rd compensatory pick, with only 32 picks awarded each year.

The picks, by round and overall selection, are:

Round Choice/ Overall Selection - Team

Third round

33/97 - Houston

34/98 - New England

35/99 - New York Giants

36/100 - New England

37/101 - Seattle

38/102 - Pittsburgh

39/103 - Philadelphia

40/104 - Los Angeles Rams

41/105 - Minnesota

42/106 - Baltimore

Fourth round

33/139 - Tampa Bay

34/140 - Chicago

35/141 - Miami

36/142 - Washington

37/143 - Baltimore

38/144 - Seattle

39/145 - Philadelphia

40/146 - Philadelphia

Fifth round

33/178 - Denver

34/179 - Dallas

Sixth round

33/212 - New England

34/213 - New England

35/214 - Seattle

Seventh round

33/247 - New York Giants

34/248 - Houston

35/249 - Minnesota

36/250 - Houston

37/251 - Miami

38/252 - Denver

39/253 - Minnesota

40/254 - Denver

41/255 - New York Giants