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Dolphins win NFL’s ‘Huddle for 100’ volunteer competition

NFL: Washington Redskins at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL on Thursday announced the results of their “Huddle for 100” initiative, attempting to have 1 million people volunteer 100 minutes of their time to reach a goal of 100 million minutes donated. Launched at the NFL Draft in April 2019 as a celebration of the league’s 100th season, the initiative easily surpassed the goal, reaching a total of 397,253,630 minutes donated. The drive ended with Super Bowl LIV in Miami.

Of the nearly 400 million minutes of service the Miami Dolphins, their coaches, players, and fans were responsible for a league-high 75,623,500 minutes. For having the highest total among all 32 NFL franchises, the Dolphins won a $100,000 prize to assist with a future community service project or initiative. The Dolphins also won a $5,000 grant for having the most donated minutes in August with 2,382,200 minutes coming during the preseason month.

Other winners of the monthly winners were the Los Angeles Rams (May - 1,060,700 minutes), Seattle Seahawks (June - 2,287,600), Minnesota Vikings (July - 870,000), Dallas Cowboys (September - 2,458,400), New England Patriots (October - 12,880,200), Carolina Panthers (November - 10,661,100), Kansas City Chiefs (December - 700,900), and Atlanta Falcons (January - 2,039,600). The league also awarded $5,000 grants to the team with the most social engagement (Panthers - 65,300 minutes), most huddle events hosted (Cowboys - 178 events), most volunteers (Patriots - 113,192), and biggest huddle event hosted (Baltimore Ravens - 3,703,300 minutes).

The 757 years worth of donated time was estimated to have a value of over $168 million, with events held in all 50 states.

I want to thank the NFL for creating the Huddle for 100 program and recognize our team, FOOTBALL UNITES™ community partners and fans for volunteering their time to strengthen South Florida,” said Miami Dolphins Vice Chairman, President and CEO Tom Garfinkel via the team’s website. “We appreciate our role as stewards of South Florida and believe that the power of football can make a big difference in people’s lives and the cultural and charitable organizations that serve our community’s needs.”

The Dolphins did an outstanding job this past year - as well as in previous years - in getting into the community and providing real help. They continue to do that now, with their Twitter page often highlighting players, coaches, cheerleaders, or staff members assisting families all around South Florida. The fans also did a great job over the past year of supporting the #DolphinsHuddleFor100, volunteering in their own ways and communities, as well as helping the Dolphins lead the way for the league.