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Miami ‘Ohana t-shirt and hoodie now available

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We talked about it earlier this week, but Miami is a family. We will fight for each other, we will play as a unit, and we will defend each other. Miami is a family, and it is one that is starting to find success and gain notice around the country.

‘Ohana is Hawaiian for family, and our friends at BreakingT are back with another shirt to recognize what is happening in South Florida. A new heather gray t-shirt with a sun burst over which Miami ‘Ohana is printed is now for sale for $29. Since it is winter time, even if it does not get super cold in most of Florida, there is also a hoodie version of the shirt, this one in a dark gray. It sells for $52.

Designed by Nick Torres, the shirts are available through the links below. Check them out - because in Miami, it’s all about family and having each other’s backs. They always ride with their ‘Ohana.