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Who did it better, Mike Gesicki or Orande Gadsden?

Now that we have had time to digest another Miami Dolphins victory, something that never gets old, we can have a real debate about an important topic. Just who did have a better one-handed, going over the middle catch? Was it Mike Gesicki who displayed his ability by captivating the masses with a grab that was #1 on the worldwide leader but hasn’t been posted enough, or was it a blast from the past in the form of another Dolphin’s receiver who also wore #86?

Houtz, in his infinite wisdom, was ahead of the curve once again and made a side by side of each catch.

There are a lot of similarities at play here, from where on the field both catches occurred, to how each guy comes from the same side and catches the ball with the same hand. So, what we need to do is put up each video and do a deep dive into each. Then and only then, will we be closer to the questions that we’ve all been thinking or should have been thinking about since lightning, seemingly, struck twice.

Let us start with Orande Gadsden’s ridiculous catch.

Orande is one of my favorite Miami Dolphins of all time. I have written about him for other publications because I think he was underrated. In today’s NFL, Gadsden would be a guy that would have a more productive career than he did in the late 90s early 2000s.

This catch, to me, is in the running for the greatest catch of all time. Quarterback Jay Fiedler, like he typically did, threw a ball that was not on target and Gadsden palmed the ball as soon as it hit his hand. The degree of difficulty is upped when you look and see that Gadsden palmed the belly of the ball. Like Boomer says, he has the biggest pair of hands that you have ever seen. He was not lying. Here is a picture of Orande Gadsden’s immensely large hand.

This catch was done during a time when one-handed catches didn’t occur every game. Now, you see it every week, multiple times, and though they’re always cool, they certainly lost a bit of their pizzazz. But, I will never forget about this catch and the other ones that Gadsden pulled off in his career.

Now, it’s Mike Gesicki’s turn.

Gesicki hauled in this pass, which was a bit more accurate than Fiedler’s toss with elegance and crispness. He caught this ball in a way that, to me, shows that this is something that he practices. I think in today’s college and NFL, guys practice this more than they did when Orande played. I am speculating of course, but without any research into it, I am going to go ahead and believe that.

Gesicki catches the ball a bit more on the point than on the belly. Not sure about you but catching a football on the point was something I always tried to avoid when I was playing backyard football. Must be the reason why I never went pro.

What Gesicki has to deal with a little more than Gadsden was that Big Mike had two defenders ready to take his head off as soon as he went for the ball. He was able to, narrowly, dodge getting completely laid out and was able to return to the game shortly after.

The Verdict

This is tough. Now I know what the President from The Rock was going through when he decided to approve an airstrike taking out mercenaries along with 81 hostages on Alcatraz Island. But, part of being a blogger is making tough decisions. With everything that we know about each catch, I am going to say that Orande Gadsden’s catch was better.

My main reason for going with Gadsden is how he was able to palm the belly of the ball at full extension.

Mike Gesicki should not be ashamed. His catch is the best catch of this season, though I am sure it will not ever be brought up like that on any sports show you consume. That is okay. We know the truth. The truth is it is awesome that we have a guy like Mike Gesicki, who is having another productive second half of the season, that catches everything that’s thrown to him even when it appears that it is a lost cause.

But it is also truthful to know that Miami is accustomed to having crazy athletes that can pluck the ball out of the air under any circumstance. Never forget that one of the guys that put one-handed catching on the map was Orande Big Catch Gadsden.

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