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Dolphins vs Bengals has set off the Trap Game Siren

Man alive, it’s been a minute since the Dolphins could be in this position. I’m talking years since Miami were playing in a game where they should win right before they play a big-boy team that will really show everyone where they stand. I’m talking about the dreaded and always over talked about trap game.

Miami plays a 2-8-1 Bengals team that lost their #1 overall pick, all world, quarterback, Joe Burrow who is now led by the mighty Brandon Allen. This was supposed to be the battle of the top two rookie quarterbacks coming out of college, but since the Bengal’s offensive line predictably killed their guy and the Dolphins are trying to sweep Tua Tagovailoa under the rug with a dire thumb injury, this game will have that classic Fitzpatrick vs. Allen matchup that the football Gods pine over.

It’s Saturday morning and we still don’t know who will be starting at quarterback for the Dolphins. Coach Flores is playing this close to the vest, as he does everything else, but it certainly feels like it’s going to be Fitzpatrick signal calling once again. I don’t have any sources or any information that supports that other than I haven’t heard anything that represents Tua will be good to go. Just the same old we’re taking it day by day stuff that you knew we were going to hear.

Maybe Flores is playing some old school WWE mind games with the Bengals and the rest of the league with not telling them who his starter is thus, I suppose, making teams prepare for both. What I would say to that, if that is the case, is that if you have to use Undertaker tactics to beat the Bengals, it sort of represents that you have a lack of confidence in your team. Or, like they say, coaches will always look for any kind of edge. Whoever the quarterback is, the Dolphins should defeat the Cincinnati Bengals.

The reason I know it doesn’t matter who the quarterback is because the Dolphin’s defense, over the last seven games, have been Men on a Mission when it comes to playing defense.

That is correct. The Miami Dolphins, your Miami Dolphins have a proven commodity and it’s their defense. They’ve made impact, timely, and fun plays. Basically, they’ve done it all over the last two months.

Not listed is their run defense numbers. Those are numbers that we would like to keep upstairs in the attic. But since I’m the self-appointed People’s Dolphin’s Blogger, I feel it’s the right to thing to do in sharing you the truth. The Dolphins are ranked 26th in the league in rushing defense and are giving up 129.9 yards a game on the ground. Fortunately, the Dolphins are playing a Joe Mixon-less backfield. That means Gio Bernard and some dudes will be the ball carriers. Color me calm, but I’m not worried about them running on Miami.

The Bengals have the 29th ranked running game in terms of yards per game and have the 18th ranked passing game in terms of yards per game as well. That was accomplished with Burrow at quarterback.

All this shapes up the Dolphins to have a William Tell type game on Sunday. The apple has been placed and all the Dolphins have to do is do exactly what they’ve been doing. Get pressure on the quarterback and let the secondary feast of errant throws. Perhaps, Xavien Howard can extend his league leading INT lead on Sunday and maybe just maybe get some pub for DPOY. Naw, what am I talking about. I’m sure Aaron Donald will throw some guy 10 feet into the air and TJ Watt will guard a receiver for three seconds which will captivate the attention of the masses.

I’d like to see the Dolphin’s defensive line make a stride or two in this game because you know, they’ll be seeing a certain team on December 13th that’s pretty talented.

On other side of the ball, the Dolphins, like always, need to play fast. Score early and let the defense do their thing. It be nice if the offense had like a 4 play drive with a 50 yard score, but that’s seems as likely Police Academy’s Hightower being a florist.

Besides, who will be running the ball for Miami? Well, we’re not sure on that either. Here’s where we’re at.

No Ahmed or Breida(big deal) but it looks like Gaskin returns and Washington, who played well last week, should play. Never thought I’d ever be longing for a Myles Gaskin return to the lineup to get the Dolphin’s disgusting running game back on track, but 2020 has been a strange year amiright?

Solomon Kindley, who has been limited in practice this week, might not be able to go once again Sunday. That means it would be a repeat of last week’s offensive line. It means a possible improvement in the running game, which I thought wasn’t awful last week, but no more than two seconds for the quarterback to throw. That’s the biggest issue for this offense; the lack of time to throw. I realize Gailey isn’t sporting a Maserati of an offense but I think part of that is because the line can’t sustain blocks for more than two seconds, literally. The ball will continue to be out of the quarterback’s hand, uber quick, which leads to very little separation by the receivers.

If it is indeed Fitzpatrick at the helm, expect the combo of Fitz to Parker to flourish. The Bengals have the 22nd ranked pass defense in passing yards allowed per game and Fitz loves to throw it up to Parker all the time. When that happens, Parker has a propensity to bring in the catch regardless of what James Lofton(yep, we get him again meaning I can’t wait for how he spins it that the Bengals are playing hard though losing and Miami just isn’t clicking though winning) has to say about DeVante Parker. I’m sure he’ll be all over him because why not?

It also be a good thing if Mike Gesicki got involved in the offense more. I say that every week, but it’s true every week. Hey 4 Chan Gailey, perhaps scheme him open and let him use his skills.

It’s nice knowing that as long as the Dolphins get the ball to around the 35, that they have money in the bank.

Sadly, Jason Sanders is not the front runner for the Pro Bowl for kicker because a guy with interesting glasses who also has an unusual name is getting more votes. Like I said earlier in the week about Xavien Howard, fans vote for this stuff so naturally this kind of stuff is going to happen. Can’t get that mad at it because it’s expected. But seriously, Sanders should be the guy in the Pro Bowl.


The trap game siren has certainly gone off. I think this should be what plays whenever a team has an alleged trap game.

If you’re like me and you can’t get enough of that trap game siren, here it is on a 10 hour loop.

You may find a Dolphin’s beat writer or two pontificate if this game is a trap game. According to, yes that’s real, a trap game is this:

A trap game is when a stronger opponent overlooks a weaker opponent and the weaker opponent overcomes adversity potentially winning the game. This especially happens when the stronger team is on their home turf with their fans behind their backs. They get too comfortable!

I suppose I have to take the exalted heads at at their word. Their definition of a trap game does describe the Dolphins on Sunday minus all the fans. The Dolphins play the Kansas City Chiefs on December 13th, which is a game that we all want to see. Obviously, we want to see that game as an 8-4 team as compared to a 7-5 team. We don’t need to lose to this inferior Bengals team with KC waiting for us. That wouldn’t be ideal. I think the Dolphins could beat Mahomes and the Chiefs but there’s a really good chance Miami could get their doors blown off. Losing to the Bengals doesn’t help their chances of upsetting Kansas City.

This is why beating Cincinnati is paramount. The whole one game at a time mantra that every team spits out is cliché but that doesn’t make it untrue. This is where Brian Flores’ John Wick focus comes in. He hasn’t ever been rattled with what’s going on outside of his team and he always has his guys believing in what he preaches. Even if he, truly, believes that his team will smoke the Bengals, I feel he gets his guys to believe that they can’t take anything for granted. And you know what? They shouldn’t. It’s the NFL and these teams aren’t that far from each other in terms of overall talent. A couple of weird plays, tipped balls and you have yourself a fight.

The Dolphins are 11.5 favorites at home. If you’re an individual that has chooses wagering as a vice, lay the points. Miami comes out and squeezes the Bengals while also scoring a few times early. Wouldn’t be shocked at a defensive touchdown either.

Dolphins 36 Bengals 13

You have a wonderful weekend and watch where you walk. Never know when a pile of leaves might lead to a pit of doom.

UPDATE: The Dolphins, unless they activate Myles Gaskin off of IR, will be starting Patrick Laird.

I really hope Flores brings Gaskin back because just going with Laird is not the way to go unless they plan to throw the ball 50 times. Which they might do because lets face it, they don’t care about running the ball that much right now anyways. Still, just going with Laird, maybe Chandler Cox or whatever practice squad that we can’t even name right now is not wonderful. In Flores we trust.

UPDATE, AGAIN: The Dolphins running back situation just got worse because of the implications.

The implication is that if Breida was in the running back room with the other running backs, which of course he had to be, then all of those guys might have to be out as well on Sunday. This could end up being the Bronco’s quarterback situation from last week just with a position that’s not as important. Maybe Lynn Bowden can step in and do it. Or, and hear me out Ricky Williams can come on in and do it. The House of Representin just passed a bill decriminalized the devil’s lettuce so Ricky should be good.

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