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Excuse me for Not Caring At All What Mike Tannenbaum Says

So, Mike Tannenbaum, former Executive Vice President of Football Operation of the Dolphins, which sounds like a made-up position, was on Espn earlier today and said this;

Am I supposed to care in the slightest about this? I know that I’m writing this blog so you could say that I am caring what he says. To that, I can’t say you’re wrong.

But my point is why should I or anyone else take too much stock into what Tannenbaum says? He didn’t say anything of note. All he is saying is that if Justin Fields plays well in the next few weeks and if he is available when the Dolphins are picking in next year’s draft that the Dolphins will potentially have a discussion about it. Well, no duh they would have a conversation about it.

If Tannenbaum said that he spoke with someone inside the Dolphin’s organization, I’d understand people making a quasi deal about this. He didn’t say that. Instead, he used the very strong, non-fence-riding word, “could” when speaking about the Dolphins having a conversation about Justin Fields. Very brave of him indeed.

I’m a Tua guy through and through, but we need to be honest about how he has played. It’s been up and down with mostly ups but the downs don’t look good. Do I think Stone Cold Brian Flores, Chris Grier, and company, actually, draft Justin Fields or any other quarterback in the first round? No, I don’t think so regardless of what happens on Sunday. But, we’ve seen Flores get rid of Tunsil, Minkah and pull Fitzpatrick when he was playing well for Tua. Then we’ve seen him bench Tua twice for Fitzpatrick only to say, immediately after those games that Tua was his starter. Understand, Brian Flores will do whatever he wants when he wants to and he doesn’t care how the media portrays him.

So yes, if the Dolphins have a realistic chance of drafting Justin Fields, Flores and Grier will talk about it. Big deal. Do you think they don’t talk about their best players like Howard if another team calls about him? To quote the Million Dollar man, “Everyone’s got a price”

It blows because this is just the first of these useless discussions about guys like Tannenbaum who just say non-sense without anything credible behind it and then doofuses online act like what they’re saying is real when they have no idea. Not looking forward to that at all.

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