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Dolphins vs Raiders recap: Stock watch from Miami’s Week 16 win

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins and Las Vegas Raiders battled for 56 minutes before an insane four-minute ending to the game that saw each team score ten points and Miami come away with the win. It was a breathtaking end to the game and it kept the Dolphins in prime position to claim a playoff berth this year.

Every game has great individual performances and some performances that disappoint. We take a look at the stock rating for the Dolphins players from the game:

Stock up: Myles Gaskin, running back - Welcome back Myles Gaskin! We definitely missed you. He finished the games with 14 carries for 87 yards and tied for the team-high five receptions for a team-high 82 yards, with two touchdowns. Gaskin was powerful, he was fast, and he was the offense for much of the day.

Stock down: Jakeem Grant, wide receiver - Grant tied Gaskin with five receptions, picking up 43 yards. The biggest issue for Grant is simply catching the ball. Once he has the ball secured, Grant is a weapon, using his speed and agility to make guys miss and pick up yards. It is the space from the pass leaving the quarterback’s hand to it being secured that is scary. Grant double- and triple-catches passes too often. He does not have the soft hands you would want from a receiver getting as many targets as he receives.

Stock up: Ryan Fitzpatrick, quarterback - The Dolphins went to the bullpen again on Saturday, and Fitzpatrick was able to provide the offense the spark it needed. He finished the game 9-for-13 for 192 yards with a touchdown. Head coach Brian Flores will make moves to put the Dolphins in a position to win and he clearly trusts Fitzpatrick to be able to find his rhythm quickly when it is needed. Fitzpatrick has shown once again he is the best backup quarterback in the league.

Stock down: Tua Tagovailoa, quarterback - It was a tough day for Tagovailoa, leading to him being pulled for the second time this year. Tagovailoa will be the quarterback for the Dolphins for years to come, but he is still playing like a rookie and not trusting himself and the receivers yet. He needs to learn and he will get there, but on Saturday, pulling him gave Miami a chance to win.

Stock up: Andrew Van Ginkel, linebacker - Van Ginkel is just a special player. The guy seems to be everywhere and he does everything. He was in coverage, he blitzed, he was in run support. Van Ginkel finished the game with eight tackles, trailing just Jerome Baker (10), with two sacks and a pass defensed.

Stock down: Eric Rowe, safety - This really is not fair to Rowe, but he did have a rough day trying to slow Darren Waller. He finished the game with eight tackles, but he was left alone in coverage on one of the league’s top tight ends, and he could not keep up. The defense needed to adjust earlier to what Waller, five receptions, 112 yards, was doing, but it did ding Rowe’s stock rating a little.

Stock up: Clayton Fejedelem, safety - Fejedelem had a good game on Saturday, but it really is one play that lands him on the list. With Miami scoring to take the 26-25 lead, they kicked off on what would be the final play of the game. The Raiders went into the lateral game, trying to find a way to pull out the miracle, but ultimately, the ball hit the ground and Fejedelem jumped on it. That recovery of a fumble with no time remaining on the clock kept alive Miami’s 21-game streak in which they have forced a turnover, the longest active streak in the league.