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Christmas Evening Random Live Thread/CKC

Merry Christmas

Tonight we will take a break from all the other troubles in the world and stop down to just say Merry Christmas to our Phinsider family that celebrate the holiday, hang out a bit and shoot the s**t. Even if you do not celebrate Christmas for religious or other reasons feel free to join us as everyone is always welcome to any live thread. If you are not aware of the CKC’s please check the rules of the site in the library tab at the top of the site’s main page and you will find an explanation there.

Please use this thread tonight to discuss your Thanksgiving or just discuss the happenings of your day or weekend or as always discussion of your Miami Dolphins is on the table. Please remember that despite this being a live thread and live threads being run a bit looser we still request that you continue to follow the site rules as you would in any other post on The Phinsider.