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It’s Silly that Frank Clark Made the Pro Bowl over Emmanuel Ogbah. Straight up Silly

As we saw last night, the esteemed and majorly important Pro Bowl teams were announced. Thankfully, the game that literally everyone on the planet despises, will be played on Madden. If the league were smart, and there’s a lot of evidence that shows that they aren’t, they’ll make the Pro Bowl played on Madden every year.

Though the Pro Bowl game itself means nothing, getting selected to the Pro Bowl team matters when players go and negotiate contracts. It also is a metric when considering players for all-decade teams and the hall of fame. So yeah, we love to dump all over how awful the actual game is due to NFL players not looking to hit each other unless they’re Sean Taylor, but the game means a lot to their wallets and reputations.

With every Pro Bowl selection, there have to be Pro Bowl snubs. Though Xavien Howard, a guy who has a strong case to win DPOY, made the virtual game with ease, Emmanuel Ogbah did not. No, he couldn’t make it but the Kansas City Chiefs, Frank Clark, did.

I understand that the Pro Bowl is determined by fans, players, and coaches so everyone has an equal chance of making it. But let’s face it, it’s always been a popularity contest. Obviously, Frank Clark and the fact that he plays on the best team makes him more popular than Emmanuel Ogbah, a guy not many have heard of before.

You’d like to think that it would simply be a stat thing when players were picked instead of an arbitrary made-up reasons that everyone involved uses to vote guys in. If that were the case then the fact that Ogbah has four more sacks, five more tackles, and three more forced fumbles would be all anyone with a brain needs to know on who out of these two guys should be selected to this team that’s supposed to have the best players from the season.

Nothing against Frank Clark, but it’s straight-up silly that he got selected to the Pro-Bowl over Emmanuel Ogbah for the 2020 season. Hopefully, Ogbah uses this as some kind of tackling fuel and takes it out all over the Raiders and Bills to finish the season.