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Salvon Ahmed Will Probably Dominate because Brian Flores

Just when everything was breaking the Dolphin’s way, the injury Gods have decided that Miami needs to overcome a few things as their path to the playoffs heads to Arizona.

We already know about Myles Gaskin being placed on the IR with a sprained MCL, meaning he’s out for at least for three weeks. Now the Dolphins backfield is taking another hit.

I for one was very much looking forward to seeing Breida get an expanded role in this offense. With his speed and ability to catch the ball, there’s no good reason that he hasn’t been on the field more. Obviously, Flores and the gang see stuff at practice that they don’t like. Perhaps they don’t enjoy his blocking ability or feel that he lacks vision. Maybe its both.

Conventional wisdom would have you believing that with Gaskin gone and Breida, potentially, out that Zach Crockett Jordan Howard would be the guy getting the bulk of the carries. But remember, there’s an element at play here that you need to take into account; Brian Flores.

Just when you think you know what the Dolphins are going to do, Brian Flores steps in and does the complete opposite. It’s this Costanza like approach that has helped turn this bottom dwelling franchise, to an absolute laughing stock to a team that boasts the #1 scoring defense. Flores lives by his own code of doing whatever it takes to win. He uses that same code when he chooses what players are going to play.

Miami traded for Breida and signed Howard for $10M for two years and those guys barely play. Instead it’s been last year’s 7th rounder Myles Gaskin that gets all the carries. Not sure about you, but that’s a Patriot way of going about business. How many times have the Patriots had guys that nobody has ever heard of go out and have big games? Big games where an established starter sat and watched while everyone at home were confused.

This is why I’m going to go ahead and plant my flag on the hill that is Salvon Ahmed. Flores has already said that Salvon and others will have chances to shine on Sunday.

Salvon Ahmed is the perfect guy for Flores to dub as the guy to play the most. Nobody knows who he is or if he can play at all so why not feature him on Sunday? Then when he plays well everyone can say “I think we just found a diamond in the rough” only to not really hear anything from Ahmed ever again. That would be the true working of the Patriot Way.

Who is Salvon Ahmed? Well he’s a rookie. He was undrafted, signed with San Francisco and was then released at the end of August. Interesting to note that Ahmed played his college ball at Washington. Another guy that played at Washington that’s also a running back for the Dolphins is Myles Gaskin. That can’t be a coincidence. Maybe the Dolphins just love what they do with the backfield up in Washington. Here’s some highlights.

So don’t be shocked when you’re watching the game on Sunday and you see this guy you’ve never seen run the ball before. It’s going to be Salvon Ahmed and he’s going to look good. Then, he’ll probably get released because Brian Flores.

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