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The Miami Dolphins Mid-Season Awards

We are halfway thought the NFL season and that’s a pretty freighting thought. I mean, the sport we love probably more than most people is 50% completed. Seems like just the other day we weren’t sure if the season would even start or happen. Now we have to deal with the crippling idea that what gets us up in the morning will eventually be gone and the bone-chilling cold of winter will settle in.

Well, don’t think of the season as half over. Instead, think of it as there is still half to go. And for the Miami Dolphins, there might even be more than eight games left based on how they’ve been playing. The Dolphins have played themselves right into the heart of playoff contention not just by getting a Wildcard seed but by potentially winning the division.

After all, they are only 1.5 games behind the Bills. A Bills’ team that is starting to be the Bills’ teams that we come to expect. That’s a team whose wheels are shaking, violently, every week. Plain and simple, the Bills aren’t a force and can get beaten any week by any opponent. So, everything is in play going forward for the Dolphins.

With that being said, it’s only prudent to hand out some mid-year hardware to the deserving individuals of these prestigious Miami Dolphins Mid-Season Awards. Hats off to these gentlemen for achieving excellence in these, esteemed, categories.

The Bo Jackson Award

For the guy who performed an act that doesn’t make any sense- Christian Wilkins

Potentially lost in the Dolphins beatdown of the Jets was Christian Wilkins treating DB Brandon Jones like he was a parking meter after he made a nice play in the backfield. It was one of those things where if were able to see it, you did a double take because, in your head, there’s no way that a 315LB defensive linemen can, casually, soar that high over a 6’0 foot guy. Well, Christian did just that and though Christian is a finely tuned athletic machine, it still doesn’t make sense to me.

The Best Acronym Award

For the guy whose name results in being the best 3-Lettered that gets said or written- Andrew Van Ginkel

Easily the most contested award that I’ll be handing out was this one. It wasn’t easy due to there being multiple suitors. Those hopeful winners were DeVante Parker, DVP and Kyle Van Noy, KVN. Both made strong cases as to why they should win but it’s AVG’s ability to remind me of the acronym of AVP, which of course stands for Alien vs. Predator. A very entertaining movie that gave you everything it had while also being true to itself. Sort of like AVG.

The Best Handoff Award

For the handoff that stood out from all the other handoffs- Tua Tagovailoa handing off to Matt Breida

I’ve seen a few handoffs in my day, and this one might just take the taco. It was elegant in it’s simplicity. Diligent in it’s precision and beautiful in its splendor. This is a handoff that will be talked about for years to come. Future coaches in the league will show frame by frame breakdowns of how to, perfectly, execute the proper handoff by showing this handoff to the next wave of quarterbacks. Just sit back and marvel at it.

The Mr. Perfect Award

For the guy who embodies the essence of the late Curt Hennig- Jason Sanders

I’m fairly confident that when you saw this award you knew exactly who was winning it. It really can’t go to anyone else. The requirements for the award are as follow; don’t ever miss. Jason Sanders hasn’t a missed a thing this year and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. He’s the last kicker in the league that’s 100% with FGs and XPs. Now that’s Perfect.

The Cousin Eddy Award

For the guy who lives out of a RV- Zach Sieler

I have to think that Zach Sieler just gets it where the rest of us don’t. He can take his home wherever he goes, he can connect with nature like no one else, and it makes social distancing much more practical. Perhaps, Zach was ahead of the curve on the whole pandemic thing. Either way, Sieler has been playing with a physicality and focus that can only be attributed to having a comfortable home.

The Snapture Award

For the guy who flat out erases players that he guards- Eric Rowe

Eric Rowe uses a bit more than a snap of his fingers to erase his foes, but the Mad Titan would be proud seeing someone not just taking out half of the TEs he’s faced, but all of them. The Dolphins have allowed an impressive 258 yards on 27 receptions to tight ends. That’s largely due to Brian Flores using his chief weapon, Eric Rowe. Rowe has very possibly been the best player for the Dolphins this year. He’ll, probably, get overlooked by just about everyone who isn’t a fan of Miami, but we know the truth. The truth is destiny comes all the same and Eric Rowe is here.

The Nate Scarborough Award

For the guy who still had some gas left in the tank- Ryan Fitzpatrick

Okay, you can make the argument that Fitzpatrick had a bit more than just gas left in the tank. He was playing like a guy that had around 34 left in that tank. At 37, Fitz was enjoying himself with one of his best seasons a pro. Sure, that bar isn’t that high but the fact remains, the old man isn’t finished playing. And who knows, it’s not crazy to think that Miami might need him down the road. It’s sports. We don’t know anything that’ll happen.

The Mike McDermott Award

For the guy who sees all the angles and has the stones to play them- Brian Flores

If you’re to cautious, if you’re to careful, your whole life can be a f’n grind. Brian Flores understands this and it’s why he doesn’t do the status quo. When you think you can predict what he’s going to do, he goes the other way. His handling of the Tua/Fitzpatrick situation was his checking the nut flush the whole way. That’s how he operates and it’s how he’s always going to operate. He’ll mix things up when no one thinks he should. If he thinks it will make the team win, he’s going to do it no matter how unpopular it is. You can’t lose what you don’t put in the middle, but you can’t win much either. Flores lives by this.

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