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Phinsider Question Of The Day 11/03/2020

Los Angeles Rams v Miami Dolphins

So we find ourselves entering next week at a point where most of us would never have guessed, at the beginning of this season, that we would be sitting a game over .500. The Arizona Cardinals are a good team that will be more than a tough test for our Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins defense showed what they could do against a classic pocket passer this past weekend when they were more than disruptive. This week’s game is a whole other story with a Kyler Murray who can move and run as well as any quarterback in the NFL. This is the week where we will really see how far our defense has come and how smart our defensive staff truly is.

Beyond that we have seen many of our new additions this season more than meet or exceed expectations with a few exceptions and disappointments. So as we head into the halfway point of the season the Phinsider Question Of The Day is which of this seasons new additions, either via the draft or as free agent signings are you most surprised with in a positive way and which of the new additions have you been most disappointed in thus far? I don’t know if we really have any idea what we have in Tua Tagovailoa after only one game where the staff was clearly doing everything they could to keep things simple for Tua against one of the better pass rushes in the NFL, especially after we jumped out to a big lead. So, I personally would leave Tua out of this discussion but by now we have some idea what all of the other additions are giving us or at least have shown us a glimpse of the kind of player they are headed towards becoming.

Please give us your thoughts below-

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