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Will Jets Go 0-16... Or 1-15?

New York Jets v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Alright, everybody, I think we’ve talked enough about the Dolphins’ 20-13 loss at Denver last week, and we’ve talked at length about the team’s problems on the offensive line, the defensive front seven, etc. I think Gil (Gllmiaspr) did an excellent job of describing what happened in the game, especially from an offensive standpoint; he summed it up better than I ever could have. Go check out his comments in some of the postgame threads if you have a chance. I will say this, though: regardless of what Brian Flores said after the game, Tagovailoa having been sacked six times had a lot to do with him getting yanked. Remember, Flores spent 15 years in New England under Belichick; we need to a better job of deciphering coach speak after some of these press conferences. As it was in the case of Flores saying back in October that he was worried about Tagovailoa getting hurt and then naming him the starter a couple of weeks later, just because he says it doesn’t make it a hundred percent true.

We are now right smack in the middle of Jets week, and even in a year in which the New York Jets are 0-10 after ten games, Jets week still hasn’t lost any of its luster. At least with our other two interdivisional opponents, Buffalo and New England, there is always some mutual respect between the two teams’ fan bases; I don’t believe the same can be said about Jets and Dolphins fans. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think they’re bad people just because they’re Jets fans. They might have just been born and raised in the New York area, and by extension, became fans of the team in green and white. Although it’s impossible to be born with leprosy, I’m afraid it is possible to be born a Jets fan. New York is still a great city; I just happen not to like the Jets as much as I do the Giants, Knicks, Mets or Yankees.

The only question now is, how bad will the Jets be this season? Will they join the 2008 Detroit Lions and the 2017 Cleveland Browns in the annals of football futility? Cleveland fans actually had a parade to celebrate their NFL team having gone winless that year, so take heart, folks. Not only will Tua Tagovailoa end up being a better quarterback than Baker Mayfield — even with two of his first four starts being subpar, he still has a QB rating of a hundred, versus 87 for Mayfield — they didn’t even have to go 0-16, or 1-15 to get him.

The Buffalo Bills decided in 2015 that recently fired Jets coach Rex Ryan was the best fit for their football team, so they hired him. Jets ownership apparently didn’t pay attention to what happened in Buffalo the ensuing two seasons, because after Dolphins owner Stephen Ross fired Adam Gase following the 2018 season, the Johnson family hired Gase just days later. Gase gave one of the most entertaining press conferences in recent memory after being hired, prompting New York media personality Stephen A. Smith to say ‘He looked high!’ Today, Gase has a cumulative won-loss record of 30-44 as an NFL head coach, and probably won’t get another head coaching gig at the NFL level after he is inevitably let go by the Jets. The only question now is whether the Jets will lose enough games for the right to draft messianic quarterback Trever Lawrence, of Clemson.

The Jets are not nearly as bad as their record would seem to indicate, and I guarantee you that after last week’s setback in the Mile High city, the Dolphins won’t take this team lightly. I actually wouldn’t mind if New York were to win one or two of their final six games, because I don’t particularly want them to acquire Lawrence. If he can’t go to an NFC team, I at least want him in a different division. I just don’t want the Jets to win any games against us. That’s the wrap for today, have a great week, everybody.