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NFL Week 11 winners picks: Straight-up and against the spread from The Phinsider experts

Los Angeles Chargers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Somehow we are already on to Week 11 of the 2020 NFL season. I do not understand how the offseason also seems to creep along, but the second the NFL season starts, time just flies. Teams are positioning themselves in both the playoff picture and the 2021 NFL Draft order. Who will improve their position in one (or both) of those rankings? We take a look at the schedule for this week, and our The Phinsider contributors give you their straight-up winners picks.

In Week 10, CT Smith came away with an 11-3 performance to win the week. Josh Houtz finished the week in second place with a 10-3 record, having not made a Thursday night pick. James McKinney, who made all 14 picks for the week, slid in just behind Houtz at 10-4. Kathleen Noa also missed making the Thursday night pick, finishing the week 9-4. Justin Hier finished the week 8-6, while I continue my trend of a great week followed by a miserable one, finishing Week 10 with an even 7-7 record.

Our season standings are now:

Justin Hier 101-45-1 (69%)
James McKinney 99-46-1 (68%)
Josh Houtz 93-47-1 (66%)
CT Smith 95-50-1 (65%)
Kevin Nogle 94-52-1 (64%)

Kat missed a couple of weeks, so she is not in the overall standings, but she is 77-30-1 (72%) on the season.

While we typically concentrate on straight-up picks, you can check out the against the spread picks for some of our contributors by clicking on the tabs of the chart below. You can check out SBD’s game odds for the latest odds for each game.

Here are our picks for this weekend: