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The Dolphins are a Machine and on Sunday The Machine Goes Through Denver

A little imagery and a dose of personification on a Saturday morning never hurt anybody. Except that one guy. That one guy got all types of messed by imagery and personification. A gruesome scene it was.

Anyways, the Dolphins look to join a club in Denver that isn’t the mile high club. Instead, Miami has their appetites set on joining the club of division leaders. Even though they’ll be tied with the Bills and technically behind them because of losing to them earlier in the season, who thought after 11 weeks that the Dolphins would be able to say that? Not many.

Because the Dolphins have brought me a level of fandom that I have never encountered, I completely forgot that this was the game that was pushed back due to COVID reasons earlier in the year. That was BT meaning Before Tua, in case you were wondering. Feel free to chart your life based on BT and AT, After Tua.

You’d think the Dolphins should have no problem putting one on the hapless Broncos. Denver is a bad team and are pretty banged up heading into Sunday’s game.

Looks like both Fant and Lock are going to play. I can tell you that Fant has been a shell of himself for nearly two months. He hasn’t posted more than 47 yards since September and looks like current day Jason Witten when he’s running. Fant is a really good player when healthy but lets be honest here. Regardless of his status, the tight end duster, Eric Rowe, will take him out.

I really hope Lock does play because that guy isn’t very good. He fooled a lot of people at the end of last year and he gave Bronco’s fans hope. This year, when he does play, he likes nothing more than throwing the ball to the other team. That bodes well for a Dolphin’s defense that has forced a turnover in 15 consecutive games.

If Lock can’t play, it will be Mark Rypien’s nephew, Brett, who the Broncos will turn to. Fine with me. That guy also has a propensity to toss INTs.

The Broncos rank 19th in rushing but they have two quality backs. Melvin Gordon and Phillip Lindsay are guys that can have loads of success if you don’t wrap up and set the edge. Christian Wilkins status still hasn’t been defined, so that’s unfortunate. He still has to play and make amends for injuring Preston Williams. Don’t let him off the hook for that. At least Raekwon Davis is playing at a high level. Hopefully, he continues his ascension.

I don’t think there’s any need for the Dolphin’s defense to get fancy. I’m sure that Flores and Boyer have a very specific game plan for Denver. But, I would love to see the same strategy as they used against the Rams; bring tons of pressure and force the quarterback to make plays under duress. The Broncos are giving up 2.6 sacks a game, which puts them at 11th worst. The Dolphins are averaging 2.4 sacks and when they get home, they’re causing fumbles that are being returned the distance or right before the end zone. Not saying that it’s necessary for the Dolphins to have another defensive team score, but it be awesome if they did that again.

Don’t sleep on the Bronco’s receivers. Jerry Jeudy, KJ Hamler and Tim Patrick are solid receivers. Jeudy, in particular, runs terrific routes and seems faster than I thought he was going to be. He’s going to be stud pending they get a quarterback that’s worth a damn.

Writing that last sentence was cathartic for me. You know, because the Dolphins have their quarterback of the future and all I want to do is trash all the teams that don’t have their franchise signal caller. I know I should empathize with the down trotted, but I’m not ready for that just yet.

It looks like Kyle Van Noy will be playing, which is good.

It can go either way on if Van Noy plays, but I’m going to say he will play. Just a feeling.

I’m excited to see Emmanuel Ogbah notch a few more sacks. I think he’ll walk away with at least 1.5. He’s on a mission.

The Dolphins offense just needs to continue to get more in sync. With Tua, they’ve been playing at a high level but we all know that the defense and special teams are playing out of their minds right now. Eventually, at some point, they aren’t going to be making impact plays at the clip that they currently are doing it. This means Chan Gailey is going to have to keep evolving the offense for Tua.

It would be great if Salvon Ahmed was fed the ball the same way he was last week. That guy had the burst coupled with the vision necessary to thrive in this, mainly, shotgun offense. Breida should return to injury and I’m sure he’ll get a few touches but I expect Ahmed to be the guy once again.

This means the offensive line needs to do their part. They’re gelling in the middle of the year, which bodes well for them going forward. One guy they need to watch for is Bradley Chubb. That guy can destroy an offense by himself. Don’t let his 5.5 sacks make you think that’s he’s just an alright player. He’s a stud and it needs to be known where he is at all times.

According to, Denver ranks 11th against the pass and 21st against the run. Even with the bad quarterback play, their defense is a middle of the road defense. Gailey has to let Tua do his thing and put more on his plate as this season goes. It’s a fine line because the offense is doing everything they’ve been asked to do but they’ll need to do more against teams such as Kansas City, and Buffalo.

I’d love to see Mike Gesicki break out for the second half of this season like he did last year. This offense, I don’t think, will ever feed one guy. So for guys like Parker and Gesicki, they’re going to have off games. But man alive, it be nice to involve Gesicki as a bit more of a focal point.

The weather for Denver will be cool, but nothing crazy.

The how will Tua fair in cold, snowy weather questions will have to have to wait. Maybe Buffalo that’ll happen.

The announcers will be Kevin Harlan and Trent Green. Not the best crew in the world but it’s not James Lofton or Rich Gannon. Winning


The Dolphins are a machine and with the sum of all their parts are moving in the right direction. It doesn’t seem like all the positive press they’re getting is going to they’re head. Keep that up and don’t play down to your opponent. Miami has done a really good job of scoring early. If they keep they’re foot on the gas, right from the get go, then getting to 7-3 won’t be an issue.

Dolphins 36 Broncos 17

Enjoy Shadows Fall- Welcome to the Machine as you begin your Saturday.

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