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Phinsider Question Of The Day 11/18/2020

NFL: AUG 16 Preseason - Dolphins at Buccaneers Photo by Roy K. Miller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins, following a five win streak, seem to be the talk of the NFL in many circles. Most “power rankings” have the Phins sitting somewhere between 9th an 11th in the league with one I saw having them all the way up at 5th. I think this is a version of the Dolphins that we have not seen in so many years I am not even sure the last time they looked this legitimate but I don’t know if we have yet earned the 5th. That being said, we are for sure a top third of the league team at this point.

The other team in the state that ranks high is the now Tom Brady led Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs looked like they might not be all we thought they were two weeks ago when they were blown out of the water by the New Orleans Saints by a 38 to 3 score but they managed to bounce back last week with an impressive win over the Carolina Panthers 46 to 23. The Buccaneers now sit a half a game above the Dolphins record wise at 7 and 3. With the only other team in the state of Florida being the Jacksonville Jaguars who have only been able to eek out one single win all season long the choice of the better team comes down to the other two.

So tonight’s Phinsider Question Of The Day is between the Tua Tagovailoa led Miami Dolphins and the Tom Brady led Tampa Bay Buccaneers which do you think is the better of the two teams in the state of Florida? Please give us your choice and why below-

As this is a nightly post also feel free to not only discuss the question/topic of the day but to use this as a live thread where the rules are pretty wide open and you can discuss nearly anything so long as your continue to follow the site rules. Speaking of site rules the three rules that come with a zero tolerance policy is that we do not allow ANY personal attacks against your fellow Phins fan or even a troll from another site. Flag it and walk away, do not get yourself banned over another’s stupidity. Beyond that there is no discussion or even references to anything remotely religious or political. There are plenty of sites for those discussions elsewhere but this is not and never will be one of them.