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NFL Week 10 winners: Straight-up picks and against the spread from The Phinsider experts

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL’s Week 10 schedule is upon us. The NFL is into the second half of the season, with teams starting to push toward the playoffs. Who will win and continue towards the postseason? Who will spend the rest of the year in the discussion for early 2020 Draft picks? Our group of The Phinsider contributors give you our straight-up winners picks for Week 10.

Last week, Kathleen Noa finished the week 11-1, while I was 11-2. Justin Hier was 10-3 for Week 9, while James McKinney was 9-4. CT Smith and Josh Houtz both recorded 8-4 weeks.

Hier continues to lead this week, with McKinney in second. I jumped from the bottom of the standings to third, while Houtz is fourth and Smith is fifth.

Justin Hier 93-39-1 (70%)
James McKinney 89-42-1 (68%)
Kevin Nogle 87-45-1 (66%)
Josh Houtz 83-44-1 (65%)
CT Smith 84-47-1 (64%)

Kat missed a couple of weeks, so she is not in the overall standings, but she is 68-26-1 (72 percent) on the season.

Here are our picks for this week. You can check out our picks against the spread and our over/under picks using the tabs on the chart: