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You Know What Time It Is! Check out our newest shirt

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Our friends at BreakingT continue to celebrate the new era in Miami. After introducing their QB1 t-shirt a couple of weeks ago, they have now come back to make sure everyone knows what time it is in South Florida. This shirt joins our line of past shirts including QB1, Miami Miracle, Aloha Miami, Perfect Forever, and Sacks on the Beach - which you all know I still love and use the hashtag for every sack each weekend.

The You Know What Time It Is shirt is a premium, light-weight blended crewneck shirt (60% cotton, 40% polyester) with orange, aqua, and white print on an aqua tee. It in a unisex shirt with a snug fit. And a special thanks to Nick Torres for the design.

As Miami continues to win this season, extablishing a new culture, and finding success in this new era, we all know what time it is. Now, make sure everyone knows as well.