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Week Eight Late Afternoon Games: Live Thread & Game Information

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Hopefully by the time that you wander into this live thread you are celebrating an exciting win by our Miami Dolphins. Please use this thread to discuss todays early games and as always your Miami Dolphins. Remember that all site rules continue to apply in live threads as in any other post on the site. As always SBNation has a strict rule against discussing, requesting or providing of any illegal game streams. Doing so may result in a temporary ban or a permanent ban from the entire SBNation platform.

Week 8 Late Afternoon Games

Los Angeles Chargers (2-4) 3rd AFC West @ Denver Broncos (2-4) 4th AFC West

New Orleans Saints (4-2) 2nd NFC South @ Chicago Bears (5-2) 2nd NFC North

San Francisco 49ers (4-3) 4th NFC West @ Seattle Seahawks (5-1) 2nd NFC West