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Madden 21: Week 4 Miami Dolphins Roster Update

Here are the latest changes to the Miami Dolphins in Madden 21

Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, I promised to break down the latest Madden 21 Roster updates and how it affects the Miami Dolphinseach and every week. Truth is, I never got around to posting Week 2 and there was an error on EA’s site that made Week 3 a guessing game.

But don’t worry. I’m back with a roster update from Week 4 that is sure to make Miami Dolphins fans extremely upset.

So without further ado; here are this week’s Madden 21 roster changes.

If you want to see which specific rating was changed for every player and compare them to previous weeks, check out EA’s official Madden 21 player ratings site HERE.

Below are this week’s official rating changes for the Dolphins.

The first thing that stands out is Kyle Van Noy dropping a full two points. He didn’t make the same type of impact he did the previous week vs. Jacksonville, but to lose two points? IDK about that one, chief.

Veteran running back Matt Breida also lost two points, which can be accredited to his lack of touches. The same can be said for Patrick Laird, who dropped a point.

Dolphins pass-rusher Emmanuel Ogbah continues to be one of Miami’s best defensive players. So, seeing him lose a point after another strong performance is a head-scratcher.

Myles Gaskin, Zach Sieler, and Austin Jackson all continue to impress. They should all see their ratings continue to grow. Unfortunately, Jackson’s injury could cripple his progression, but that’s strictly from a video game standpoint.

Sieler will have his opportunity to impress this Sunday in Shaq Lawson’s absence.

And as we’ve mentioned time and time again, Miami needs to get their 6’6 tight end involved more if they want to win football games.

If you have any issues with these ratings, please discuss them in the comments below. And please remember, I did not make these ratings, nor do I support these ratings.

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