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Calling My Shot: Tua Will Start Against the Broncos

Everyone here at The Phinsider has a “take” on what the Dolphins should do with future franchise quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. That makes sense as this is a Dolphins site. On Monday, Egregious Philbin laid out the pros and cons of Tua starting. You can read it here. The Brothers from another Mother of Destruction (I am workshopping the name, but I think this might have legs) @Houtz and @JMendel94 said on Phinsider Radio this week, to which you can listen here, that it is Tua time. My stance is, which you can read here (company man through and through), Tua should not start against the 49ers.

My reasoning for that is the 49ers, though they do not have Bosa due to injury and DeForest Buckner to free agency, still have a fierce defense. Also, Austin Jackson’s status is still in the air. I also believe the Dolphins will be trailing in this game, making the Austin Jackson injury more of an issue. We do not need the 49ers defense sending the house at Tua in his first game. That all being said, Tua time should wait a week.

Then, when the Dolphins, probably take another loss and Fitzpatrick looks like Fitzpatrick once again, you insert Tua against the Broncos.

Why the Broncos? They are a bad team, with a bad starting quarterback in Brett Rypien regardless of what Troy Aikman says, Von Miller is out for the year, leaving Bradley Chubb as, basically, the only guy to worry about. I would much rather the game be at home instead of at Mile High, but like when Vision spoke to Wanda while Thanos was thrashing the Avengers, “It’s time.”

The biggest reason why you will see Tua against the Broncos is that I do not think Flores would want to go through another week of answering the same questions about Tua starting or not if the Dolphins lose again. Even Flores, a guy who carries himself as if nothing bothers him, does not want to look like he is keeping a potential answer to Miami’s problems on the bench. He said this week that he will not be pressured to start Tua. He is alluding to Herbert and Burrow looking pretty good so far this year. Flores may not be pressured by the two other rookie quarterbacks’ success, but he will be pressured by Fitzpatrick and the Dolphins’ offense continuingly gagging it up.

I understand that Flores is trying to be the good guy coach by not playing Tua because he feels he is not ready to be the starter and that his injury still might be an issue. But here is the thing, Tua is one Fitzpatrick imitating Craig Iron Head Heyward (RIP) run going wrong away from being in the game. That is the situation that the Dolphins have dealt for themselves this year. And once Tua is in, he is staying in.

I realize that me predicating Tua to play next week is not exactly me calling for a 16 seed to beat a 1 seed. But, I am still putting my lofty reputation of being a blogger with no sources what so ever on the line. I know, credit to me for having McMahon like grapefruits. If I am wrong, I will let you know I was wrong.

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