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There once was a time I was all in on Jorvorskie Lane

Jorvorskie Lane could’ve been one of the most interesting backs in franchise history.

One thing about me; I love reminiscing about past Miami Dolphins. I’ve wrote stories at other publications and I’d share them, if I didn’t think the SB Nation police would seek me out and have a Reservoir Dogs type interrogation with me.

Yes, the Dolphins are playing the Seahawks tomorrow which is all that matters with this franchise. I gave my review, which you should read here. It’s important to sit back and use the past to educate the future. At least that sounds good in my head.

The common thread is that I always have help in thinking about all these past players and teams. Some of those have been Dogfish Head, Trillium and of course Genny Cream Ale. Today’s mental sponsor is Southern Tier, specifically, their Harvest Ale. It’s top notch and I highly recommend you get involved with Southern Tier beer.

SIDENOTE: I started this blog at 1:12PM. Some friends came over and the Southern Tiers flowed. It’s now 5:33PM and I’m getting back into this.

Of course I had no idea who Jorvorskie Lane was before he got to Miami. With three minutes of research, you’ll learn that Jorvorskie played for Texas A&M until 2008. He went undrafted, probably due to his fluctuation of weight and had a few runs in some non-NFL football leagues.

Out of absolute nowhere, was this behemoth, who was toting the rock for the Phins back in 2012. It was one of those things where you had a guy who was a fullback but he moved like a guy who was slightly quicker than a fullback. Essentially, think of LenDale White.

Here you have a guy (in my best John Madden voice) who was enormous, built like like a Brinks truck and shifty like a poor man’s Charlie Garner. It was awesome. This dude, who had a fun name also had a style about him that was easy to root for. For me, he easily became a fan favorite.

Upon hearing about Lane, I looked him up and this is what I found.

You can’t tell me that after watching this highlight video, with that song playing. that Lane wasn’t the reincarnation of BA Baracus. It blows my mind that this guy wasn’t on a NFL roster when he came out.

It wasn’t until 2012 until ole Jorviskie signed with the Dolphins. I remember seeing him and not understanding what I was looking at. Here you have a guy in the backfield who was huge and moving like a cruiser weight. He was Keith Lee in shoulder pads. I hoped that this guy made the team and made an impact.

Unfortunately, he never lasted thus he didn’t make much of an impact for the Dolphins.

I wish there was footage of his touchdown pass. All the film I think you’ll find on Lane in a Dolphin’s uniform is this:

It would have been a lot of fun if Lane stuck out on those pitiful Dolphin’s teams. He couldn’t and eventually went to the Bucs where he got his leg torn apart and that was it.

Plenty of guys have come through the Dolphins ringer and deserve some sort of praise. I just feel that Jorviskie Lane was an oddity that would have filled a fun void when he was with the team. I feel that we were short changed of some really good Jorviskie moments. Maybe when I go to whenever I go to when my time is finished on this plain that I get to see the realities with Jorviskie Lane as a main guy — That’ll be nice.

Fins Up tomorrow against the Seahawks.

By the Way- The Southern Tiers are hitting.

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