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Seahawks at Dolphins Week 4 Final Score and Immediate Reactions

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks faced off in week 4 of the 2020 regular season today ending with a win for the Seahawks.

Final score: Seahawks 31 - Dolphins 23

First Half

The Dolphins received the ball first and ended up turning the ball over a few plays into the drive. Ryan Fitzpatrick’s arm was hit resulting in a tip ball and DeVante Parker was also injured resulting in trainers taking a look at him and ended up in him heading to the locker room.

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense drove down the field and capped the drive with a Chris Carson goal line touchdown run.

The Dolphins got the ball back a few drives later and with a few tough throws from Fitzpatrick got into field goal range for a Jason Sanders field goal.

The Seahawks got the ball back before the end of the first quarter, but the defense held and forced the Seahawks to go for a 54 yard field goal, which Jason Myers converted. End of the first quarter, Seahawks 10 - Dolphins 3.

The Dolphins started the second quarter with the ball. We saw some creative play calling from Chan Gailey and even got an appearance from Lynn Bowden, who took a direct snap for a few rushing yards. However, the offense couldn’t convert in the redzone resulting in another Sanders field goal.

The Seahawks had a great drive going after the previous Dolphins drive. Wilson was slinging the ball, but the Dolphins defense came up big. The Seahawks went for it on fourth down near the redzone, but Emmanuel Ogbah came around and got the sack on Wilson.

After that great defensive stop, the Dolphins offense was able to move the ball downfield but fell short before the redzone. Another Sanders field goal though.

The Seahawks had about 20 seconds left before the half, but Wilson managed to find a wide open David Moore to get into the redzone. Wilson connects with Travis Homer a few plays later for a touchdown.

Seahawks 17 - Dolphins 9

Second Half

The Seahawks received the second half kick off and again, drove down the field pretty easily and looked like they were going to end up with some points. Xavien Howard had other plans though, as he picked off Wilson in the endzone.

Fitzpatrick was able to move the ball downfield with his arm and legs setting up for another Sanders fieldgoal, which he converted.

Third quarter wasn’t that exciting. Seahawks 17 - Dolphins 12.

The Dolphins began the fourth quarter with the ball trailing by 5. Another nice long drive for the offense as Fitz helps the team get into the redzone with some tight throws and a few runs. The offense falls short in the redzone again and go for another Sanders field goal, who has now converted all 5 of his attempts.

The defense needed to make a stop on the next drive but Wilson ended up abusing the rookie corner, Noah Igbinoghene on a crossing route followed by a touchdown to David Moore.

The Dolphins needed to get a touchdown on the next drive, however Fitzpatrick ended up throwing his second interception of the day which should just about do it for this game.

To throw more salt in the wound, Wilson hits D.K. Metcalf who almost scored. Chris Carson then punched it in for another Seahawks TD.

Fitz and the Dolphins don’t quit though! He drives the team back downfield and caps it off with a 10 yard TD run.

Seahawks recovered the onside kick and proceeded to get a first down putting an end to this game.

Immediate Reactions

The Dolphins were in the game until they weren’t. The offense was able to move the ball but failed to capitalize in the redzone. Just a tad disappointed they couldn’t exploit a beat up Seahawks defense until it was too late.

Defense had some good stops but there are still too many errors being committed, but those are mostly by the young guys which I’m willing to brush off for now.

The Dolphins travel to San Francisco next week to take on the 49ers.