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2020 NFL Week 7 expert picks: Straight-up winners

NFL: OCT 22 Giants at Eagles Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Phinsider contributor picks are back for the Week 7 slate of games. This is the last time the Miami Dolphins will not be involved in our picks until after the season, so this is the last weekend where Dolphins fans can sit back, relax, and enjoy some football without the stress that the Dolphins can bring all of us.

It is also the last week of the season in which Tua Tagovailoa has not started an NFL game!

As for Week 6, I think there is a rule that the picks results from the week are thrown out. You know that rule, right? I am sure it is true.

In case it is not true, however, Houtz won the week at 10-4. Justin Hier and Kathleen Noa were tied for second at 9-5. The rest of the group, CT Smith, James McKinney, and I, finished with an 8-6 record. Not exactly our best performance on the year.

Here are our overall standings:

James McKinney 61-29-1 (68%)
Justin Hier 60-31-1 (67%)
Josh Houtz 57-30-1 (65%)
Kevin Nogle 59-32-1 (65%)
CT Smith 58-33-1 (64%)

Kat has missed a couple of weeks of picks, but she is 38-18-1 (69 percent) on the season.

Here are our picks for this week. Our standard is to make straight-up picks, but if you click on the tabs of the chart below, you can also check out some of our spread picks: