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Phinsider Question Of The Day 10/24/2020

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

So now that our Miami Dolphins have made it to .500 the odds makers in Vegas have begun to notice us a bit more. We started out dead last or second to only the New York Jets to win the division by nearly every odds maker out there at the beginning of the 2020 season. Some oddsmakers still have us behind the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots while others now only have us second behind the Buffalo Bills. I think most any Dolphins fan who watched the first of the two Miami/Buffalo games this season could tell that we were clearly in that game and could have won if not for some serious miscues. Most of that games miscues were on defense but at least as of now it seems as if the defense is beginning to gel and those that were questioning Flo and his ability to be a defensive genius might have to swallow those words after all.

I think that some fans seriously forget how young this team is, not to mention how young we overall are as a team. If not for Ryan Fitzpatrick being on this team we would be the youngest team in the entire NFL. Defensive units need time to gel, rookie players need time to learn and catch up to the speed of the NFL, young players need time, depending on the player to learn their position at a higher level and some do not show their true promise until somewhere between year two and year three. I know that years of getting our collective ***** kicked in the dirt have left many a fan jaded. But no matter how jaded you are or how “damn sick” you are of losing these factors as they apply to players do not and never will change.

Just because you can cite a player that showed up on the scene and blew it up the NFL in their first season does not mean that will equate across the board, even if they were picked it the same round or whatever other complaint a fan might have. It also does not mean that the player that is further behind today does not eventually wind up being everything that player is or even more. And all of that is without taking in to account the difference in coaching/schemes/team around the player/etc... I also hope that fans will keep this in mind when it comes to Tua Tagovailoa. Maybe he lights it up and maybe he struggles, maybe even beyond this season. Some fans will be very quick to label him a bust if he struggles but just because this or that QB has looked great out of the gate does not mean that Tua will nor does it mean that he will not eventually be every bit the quarterback they are or even possibly better. Always remember that Drew Brees was once cut because he did not develop fast enough. Now he will go down with some of the best numbers in the NFL all time before he walks away from the game.

So where am I going with all of this babbling? Well it comes back to Tua and our question of the day. The Phinsider Question Of The Day is now that the Dolphins have made it all the way back to .500 in just six games and Tua has now been named the starter how realistic do you think it is that the Dolphins either win the division or make the playoffs this season as a wildcard team? As it stands we are the second team out of the wildcard spot if the playoffs were to start today but of course that’s not how it works with 10 games yet to be decided.

So give us your thoughts below-

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