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How to enter the Phinsider Radio jersey giveaway

What could you want more than a fresh Miami Dolphins jersey?

NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The hype around the Miami Dolphins started when the franchise tore down the roster following the 2018 season and began building for the future. That same hype has reached a new level after the announcement that rookie Tua Tagovailoa will be the team’s starter for the rest of the 2020 season.

Josh Houtz and I, the co-hosts of Phinsider Radio, decided that we wanted to join the excitement by giving away a jersey to a fan of the program. We wanted to take a different route, though, and offer a jersey of one of our favorite players...

Miami’s offensive line is certainly a work in progress, but fourth-round pick Solomon Kindley has quickly become a favorite of the podcast. Kindley, who may be confused for a mountain, has helped Miami’s offensive line become a serviceable unit and there is still plenty of room for growth.

Enough of the Kindley praise — here is how you can win his jersey.

  1. Subscribe to Phinsider Radio on ITunes, Spotify... or wherever you listen to podcasts.
  2. Leave a comment and review on the show.
  3. Send screenshots proving you have done both to either myself (@Jmendel94) or Josh (@Houtz) on twitter.
  4. Watch Tua Tagovailoa make a push to the playoffs.

If you want to check out the show before hitting subscribe and leaving a comment, here is our most recent episode, which came shortly after Miami’s quarterback change was announced.

We are accepting entrees up until kick off between the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins on Nov. 29. We will update the rules if the game happens to get moved.

Personally, I want to say thank you to everyone who has tagged along and listen to Josh and I rant about the team — it is truly a blast and I am glad we’re doing something to repay everyone for listening.

Reach out to Josh and I if you have any questions and most importantly … Phins Up!