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Brian Flores Zigs when You Think he’s Going to Zag

Yesterday, was just an ordinary Tuesday for the Dolphins during their bye week. Nothing really new to speak of if you think about it. I found the tweet about the ratings spiking when Tua went in at the end of the game on Sunday and thought that was worthy to write about, which you can and should read here. But nothing new to get in to concerning the team. That was until about an hour ago.

There I was making garlic buttered meatballs, with my hands firmly mixing my delicious mixture and Schefter drops a bomb from the clouds. Simply amazing stuff.

@Houtz did a write up on the breaking news, which again, you should read here, about the surprise news that Tua will be replacing heck of a nice guy, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

My thoughts on it is that I love the decision. I would have been quite alright if Fitzpatrick was starting against the Rams in two weeks as well. But here’s the thing, Brian Flores is the type of guy that has the same wallet as Jules from Pulp Fiction. He does what he wants, when he wants and just when you think you have him figured out, just when you think you have all the answers, Brian Flores changes the questions.

Since Flores got to Miami, he’s done so many things that no one saw coming. Sure, you can say that these moves were done all in the effort to lose just so that Miami could acquire Tua not at #5 overall by at #1. To that I say I agree with you. But, Flores was still the guy, along with Chris Grier and others I’m sure, being the face of all the decisions who I’m also had a heavy hand in making the decisions.

Decisions such as to bring in Ryan Fitzpatrick as the starter in the first place, trading cornerstone left tackle, Laremy Tunsil, trading Minkah Fitzpatrick for a 1st when Minkah was crying about being told do stuff he didn’t like, running a play where the punter throws to the kicker, bringing in Byron Jones when nobody thought it was a need, drafting Austin Jackson in the 1st and Noah Igbinoghene with your last 1st rounder. Now, he’s done it again.

Not one person out there thought that after Ryan Fitzpatrick lit up the 49ers and the Jets(in the first half), that now would be the time that Tua would be replacing him. Not when the Dolphins are 3-3 and a game out of first place in the AFC East. Maybe later in the year when the Dolphins were definitely not making the playoffs. But Flores is a Bad MoFo and goes against the grain.

A few points I want to make about the transition from Fitzpatrick to Tua;

  1. I think that this decision was made a few weeks ago when the Dolphins were given a new bye week due to their game against the Broncos being postponed. I say this because if Fitzpatrick went to Fitztragic in the last two weeks, many would be anticipating this since the bye week was now. But, it was Fitzmagic that occurred and they still are going with Tua.
  2. I have to assume that Ryan Fitzpatrick is quite alright with this. I mean, he’s been Tua’s biggest cheerleader and led a celebration when Tua got inserted in the game on Sunday. He knew what his job description was when they brought him and that was to mentor Tua along with do everything to win games. Mission accomplished.
  3. I wonder how much input Dan Marino had. We’re told that he’s a consultant of some sort for the Dolphins. I really couldn’t tell you if that’s official or really what he does. I can see him just showing up to practice and giving his two cents on things. I’m sure he’s been watching Tua, diligently, the last few months and gave Flores and the gang the AOK about making the switch now.
  4. I wonder if Stephen Ross had any input in this? I know the ratings spike happened but I don’t think that would have any bearing on this decision. I think he trusts Flores and the crew that they know what they’re doing.
  5. A major major factor in going with Tua now is that the offensive line looks really good. No way Flores would do this now if Fitzpatrick was getting put on his back all the time. The rookies of Jackson, Kindley and Hunt have overachieved and the FA acquisitions of Karras and Flowers have hit.
  6. I’m actively not going to think about the fact that Tua’s first game will be against the potential greatest defensive player of all time, Aaron Donald. Nope, I’m not going to do and instead will think about all the happiness Tua is going to bring me for years to come.

I think you can pencil in the Dolphins getting a few more primetime games not next year but this year. All the executives for CBS, Fox, and Espn are running through offices trying to see if they can flex Miami games in to the important time slots.

This is certainly the most exciting time that I can remember being a Dolphin’s fan in 20+ years. Enjoy it

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