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Phinsider Question Of The Day With Poll 10/20/2020

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

So the news finally came out today that so many Miami Dolphins fans have been clamoring for. The announcement that Tua Tagovailoa had been named the starter, at least for now or at least for the start in two weeks, following our rescheduled bye week this week, against the Rams. The team clearly believes that they are contenders for at least a spot in the playoffs this season which they exhibited when they threw their name into the hat in an attempt to lure running back Le’Veon Bell to come play with the Dolphins. He instead chose to go with the reigning Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs, a decision that’s hard to blame him for.

Providing that Tua does not struggle too much (he will have miscues and hiccups as any rookie does) as the starter or God forbid get injured again I would expect him to finish out the season as the starter at this point. Even if the Dolphins do not wind up making a push for a playoff spot you have to get some sort of an idea of what you have with him at quarterback no matter how dynamic he was in college. Many of a college quarterback have looked all world in at the NCAA level only to fall flat on their face at the NFL level. Being an NFL QB is much more than skill or athletic ability that you have with the mental aspect of the game being equal to that if not more important once you get to the top of the football mountain.

Knowing that this is our new direction and entering our 7th game of the season in two weeks at 3 and 3, a record that few of us or anyone outside of the organization or fan base would have assumed we would reach it seems like the time to reassess things. So the Phinsider Question Of The Day is what do you expect the final record of this team to be when the season ends? It seems more than improbable that we will not eclipse last years win total of 5 wins that few of us thought we would reach. Below I will list the remaining games and please do not forget to vote in our poll.

Sunday, November 1st vs. the Los Angeles Rams 1:00 PM EST

Sunday, November 8th @ Arizona Cardinals 4:25 PM EST

Sunday, November 15th vs. Los Angeles Chargers 4:05 PM EST

Sunday, November 22nd @ Denver Broncos 4:05 PM EST

Sunday, November 29th @ New York Jets 1:00 PM EST

Sunday, December 6th vs. Cincinnati Bengals 1:00 PM EST

Sunday, December 13th vs. Kansas City Chiefs 1:00 PM EST

Sunday, December 20th vs. New England Patriots 1:00 PM EST

Sunday, December 27th @ Las Vegas Raiders TBD

Sunday, January 3rd @ Buffalo Bills 1:00 PM EST


Given where the Miami Dolphins sit now, 3 and 3, 6 games into the season, what do you think their final record will be for the 2020 season?

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