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It’s Tua Time! Get all of your Tua merch right here!

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The Miami Dolphins have officially moved to the Tua Tagovailoa era, with ESPN’s Adam Schefter reporting the team will start Tua in their Week 8 contest against the Los Angeles Rams. The move comes earlier than expected, especially as the team is 3-3 and in second place a game back of the Buffalo Bills in the AFC East, all with Ryan Fitzpatrick starting. Tagovailoa saw five snaps of game play on Sunday as Miami shut out the New York Jets, handing off the ball three times and going 2-for-2 on passes for nine yards.

Whatever the Dolphins coaching staff needed to see from their rookie was seen, and now it is time for Tua to take control of the Dolphins. Miami has been in need of a true franchise quarterback since Dan Marino retired after the 1999 season. It has been way too long and Dolphins fans are starving for a star. Tua appears to be that player, and he is already having an impact on the fan base. According to Barry Jackson from the Miami Herald, 32,000 more people in South Florida started watching the Jets at Dolphins game when Tua made his debut. That is 32,000 people watching the final two minutes of a shut out, simply because the backup quarterback was inserted into the contest.

And now, he is the starter. It is Tua Time! Miami has made the move, and now we will all see just how high the ceiling is for Miami’s next superstar quarterback.

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