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Tua Effect: TV ratings increase during final two minutes of Dolphins win over Jets

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

To everyone out there tired of hearing about Tua’s legendary performance at the end of the game on Sunday, the television ratings show the overwhelming majority of people are interested in seeing Tua Tagovailoa play football.

I would love to see a video of the people who had to run from wherever they were in their house as people yelled, “Hey mom/dad Tua is getting in!” There had to be a few injuries.

I know this grinds the gears of the people who make up stories about people saying that Tua is the next Marino or even the next Mahomes. Still, the reality is that regardless of how Tua plays, pretty much everyone is fascinated by him. If you want to be the ‘stay off my lawn’ type of person and yell at clouds, be my guest. The rest of us are going to have fun.

This isn’t me anointing Tua. This is me simply saying that Tua is polarizing and has everyone’s attention when he does anything. Fair or unfair, that’s just the way it is. Deal with it and get used to it because it’s only going to get more ramped up.

And it’s a good thing because I like many, think Tua is going to be good. This bodes well for all the people who cry about the Dolphins, who, for years, had no good reason being on that many primetime games, getting more primetime games. It’ll be nice when the Dolphins have more Sunday and Monday night games. Those games are always lovely getting nestled in after a long day to watch Dolphin’s football.

I think this is obvious to say, but we’ve only scratched the surface of what Tua madness is going to look like. I know it’s been written that Tua has the chance to be the face of sports in Florida for the next decade+. I think that’s true. If he’s good, like real good, and the Dolphins do actual winning, then he has the ability to be the first thing people think of when you think of current Miami sports. As a guy who lives in Scranton, PA, when I think of Miami, I think of Marino, Shula, and Dwyane Wade. It’s not something you can pencil in, but based on the likability, marketability coupled with bringing a championship to Miami, you can see a path where Tua is thought about like that in 10 years. I hope this happens.

Either way, like I already said, get used to more Tua talk than you can handle. Deal with the fact that you’re going to get so annoyed by seeing every move he makes whether it’s a pass or how he blinks get analyzed by all the talking heads and bloggers for Dolphin websites. It’s going to be a reality and as well know, the reality can often be disappointing.

Now here’s Tua’s all 22 highlights brought to by Houtz. Have yourself a Tuesday.

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