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The Dolphins Took the Soul of the Jets

The Dolphins did exactly what the headline stated they did. They took the soul, or what soul was left in the New York Jets. In case you need a visual representation of what that exactly looks like, I’m here to help you.

I know you’re probably thinking is it actually a good thing to have the Jets’ soul? Well, like my grandmother always said, any soul that you rip out of someone’s existence is a good soul.

Yesterday’s game wasn’t always that fun until the end. The Dolphins imposed their will on a gross Jets team and treated them like a little brother trying to score in the driveway. They shut the Jets down at every turn, letting them know that they are the big brother in this equation. Miami also let the Jets know that they will be the big brother for years to come.

Obviously, it’s always fun when you get a win, but yesterday’s contest wasn’t very, aesthetically, pleasing on the offensive end. There were to many drives that went nowhere and it seemed that the Dolphin’s offense were going through the motions especially when they were up 21-0. I’m not going to harp on it and manufacture stuff to get mad about because it’s expected of me. Instead, I’m going to say Miami ended this game early and naturally had a let down and weren’t as in to it when they knew there was nothing the Jets could do to ever challenge them. I realize that many won’t like that response but remember that the Miami Dolphins are made up of people. It’s really hard to keep up the intensity when you’re playing such a garbage opponent who are so feeble. It’s why when a team goes up 2-0 in a series in other sports, game 3 is the game they, typically, lose.

However, I’m glad the Dolphins are getting the bye week now. They have some injuries with Kyle Van Noy, DeVante Parker and Raekwon Davis that could use the extra week to heal. And lets just say it, the offense could use the extra time to clean some things up and add extra wrinkles. The schedule/covid Gods, to me, did the Dolphins a solid with where the Dolphin’s bye week ended up. Here’s what else I saw from the game.

I love that the Dolphins kicked off to start the game and got to receive the ball at the half. I’m not sure who won the toss, but it’s always better to give than to receive. I think we can all agree with that. Also, it’s nice when the Dolphins force a 3 and out on their first defensive possession.

Joe Flacco, a guy who would literally do anything else than quarterback right now, went 0-7 on the Flag Play. In case we don’t know what the flag play is, it’s not when a guy runs a flag route. It’s when Flacco just throws the ball as far as he can only hoping to get a pass interference call. He’s made a career of it but the Dolphins defense did well to not give in to it.

I know it seems impossible to get mad at Frank Gore, but I hate watching him grind out 5 yard runs. It’s so irritating seeing him run up the middle and plowing forward. I probably am more annoyed with Gase for always thinking that’s awesome. Gore had 11 carries for 46 yards. Pretty sure that’s been his statline every game for the past 5 seasons.

Lets start with the Dolphin’s defense shall we. They did exactly what I thought they would do and that was bring the pain. I can’t tell you how many games I’ve watched of the Dolphins during my life where they had a pathetic offense and every defense would simply rush 6-8 guys all day thus making whoever was the quarterback run for his life. That’s what the Dolphin’s defense did to Flacco and the Jets. They brought pressure and had that statue of a QB trotting wherever he could only to throw the ball out of bounds. Miami had 3 sacks and here they are.

Emmanuel Ogbah, who now has 5 sacks on the season, had two yesterday and Christian Wilkins had one. Overall, the Dolphins rank 6th in sacks per game. I feel that is an underrated stat for this team.

There were several other times where Miami brought pressure and someone was breathing down Flacco’s neck and he had to throw it away. One guy in particular who is making the most of his opportunity by being an absolute wrecking ball is the same guy who, currently, lives in his RV.

This guy has a Bane like approach when rushing the passer where he just throws offensive linemen around like they’re children. He needs to be, firmly, in the lineup going forward no matter what.

Christian Wilkins had a wonderful day. He had the sack and he also batted down a Flacco pass as if he was Ben Wallace. He also treated Brandon Jones like a parking meter, which was impressive as hell.

The tag team of Xavien Howard and Byron Jones made easy work of the Jets’ receivers. They gave up only 3 receptions for 32 yards combined. That’s stupid good in today’s NFL. I understand that the Jets skills position is a dumpster fire on it’s best day, but they locked them down and didn’t let them breath. Even when I knew a crossing pattern was coming that singled Howard up, Howard did what you’re supposed to do and undercut it instead of trail it. The result was his 4th consecutive game with an INT.

Noah Igbinoghene, a guy whose name we haven’t said to much in the last few weeks, had nice coverage when it was thrown in his direction and Brandon Jones made plays in the backfield and also jumped a pass that he should have taken to the house. Those guys are surrounded by really good players so it’s nice that they can sort of knife in there with this defense and contribute. Decent chance those guys have even larger roles next year meaning they’re exactly where they should be.

The Dolphin’s defense is trending in the right direction with getting their first shutout since 2014. They’re making easy work with inferior competition and the d-line is getting to the quarterback. If they can do that, than the talented secondary that they have will feast. It’s as simple as that. They’ll use the bye week to shore up what they feel they need to shore up and should have a smart game plan for the Rams in two weeks.

This blog now takes a slight turn in terms of attitude. The defense was all happy thoughts due to draining the life and don’t forget the soul out of the Jets. The Dolphin’s offense, however, played just alright. They had a real on and off switch approach to the game. Their first drive went 3 and out. Then, their second drive led to this;

This was tip-top play design by Chan Gailey(did I just say that) that resulted in a TD to Shaheen. Shaheen comes across the line of scrimmage while the defense is respecting the run by Gaskin or Fitzpatrick. Way to take advantage of the Jets commitment to stopping Fitzpatrick running the ball.

Also, great trade by Grier to acquire Shaheen in the offseason. That’s working out. Guy has TDs in back to back weeks.

Then the offense got in gear a bit more in the second quarter with TDs to Durham Smythe and Preston Williams. 21-0 heading into half time.

The Dolphins only scored 3 more points the rest of the game. That’s good enough against the now soulless Jets, but not against teams such as the elite in the AFC. There were back to back drives where the Dolphins didn’t run the ball in the second half and those drives went nowhere. And that’s not fun because the run game was actually working.

Myles Gaskin gave some Stone Cold Steve Austin style sign language to everyone who wanted Miami to sign Le’Veon Bell. Since I was one of those guys all I have to say is message received. But Gaskin did have his best day as a pro. He finished with 91 yards on 18 carries and 4 grabs for 35 yards. It seemed like the inside handoff out of the gun was there all day for him and he was making the right cut. If Gaskin keeps that up then I won’t clamor for more Breida who didn’t have a particular good day.

The receivers had an average day as well. The Dolphins got out to a three score lead in the mid second quarter thus relegating the Dolphin’s receivers core to go on auto pilot. They did enough and it was fine but I’d like to see more.

Mike Gesicki had zero catches. He was essentially a big decoy so that Shaheen and Smythe could feed. What a nice guy.

Ryan Fitzpatrick had an alright day. He threw for 3 TDs in the first half and like the receivers, mentally checked out and I mean that literally. I feel like Fitzpatrick was a hair slower in everything he did after he got hit in the head after he ran the ball in I think the second quarter.

The first INT he threw was to Gesicki in the red zone. Gesicki was being covered by the entire National Guard and Fitz still tried to throw it in there. That wasn’t great. The second INT, the jump ball to Williams in the 4th, I can live with. I’ve been advocating for more jump balls and this one went against us. That’ll happen.

Patrick Mahomes, eat your heart out.

The O-Line gave up two sacks but, as we already know, they had their best day at opening up holes for the running backs. No telling when Austin Jackson will be coming back so this is what the line, God/Universe willing, for the foreseeable future is. I’m fine with this. This group seems like they’re getting better each week.

Jason Sanders stayed Perfect.

CBS takes no prisoners with how they handle their business. If you didn’t think of Superbad when you heard this then you need to get serious help.

60 Minutes looked to be sort of interesting. I mean how many people get poisoned anymore? That’s a real throwback way of doing things. It’s right up there with lack of art heists in the past 30 years.

Okay, it finally happened and it started with seeing this.

Once I saw this, we all knew it was on the horizon that Tua Time was coming. But then the Jets got a first down and I thought they would run the majority of the clock out. Gase goes for it on 4th down, misses it and then it happened.

A better handoff, I cannot recall. The next play, a combination that we will, surely, be talking about for years to come.

A beautiful roll out and flip to Patrick Laird. The rest of the NFL is trembling with the thought of a Tagovailoa/Laird duo.

Then this spectacular toss to Jakeem Grant.

Unbelievable display of poise by the future and rising icon of the Miami Dolphins. But who else was screaming for Tua to not try and block on the last handoff he gave?

I thought it was a good idea to give Tua those last few snaps. It didn’t hurt anything or throw anything off. All it did was give a guy, who’s the future of the franchise who possibly may be relied upon this year, some perspective of what he’s going to be dealing with. That’s so valuable and now it’s behind him.

The image you’re going to see is this one of Tua sitting on the 15 yard line just soaking it all in. He was face-timing his parents who weren’t there. This is something, I read, that he does after every game so this won’t be the last time we see this.

Oh and if you somehow don’t think there’s an aura that surrounds Tua with everything he does...

The Dolphins have won two in a row in decisive fashion. Winning by 20+ points in consecutive weeks was not what I thought would happen and since it did, the Dolphins have vaulted themselves right in the thicket of the AFC.

What this means is that Miami, once again find themselves where they have resided for most of my life and that’s that they’re In the Hunt. They’re one game back of the last playoff spot. Obviously, tons will change and teams will slide in out of spots every week. But Miami has a favorable schedule going forward. They have two weeks to prepare for a tough Rams team that just lost to the 49ers who the Dolphins slaughtered. Then, they have the Cardinals. Chargers, Broncos, Jets and Bengals. That’s very manageable. 8 wins might get that the last playoff spot. Who knows even, the Patriots look like the team I thought they would be as of late and the Bills have the Chiefs today. Anything could happen.

Lot of time between now and the Rams game. Lets hope for injuries to heal and all that. Enjoy your week and feel good that the Dolphins look like a real team right now.

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