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Tua or Herbert for Dolphins? Jimmy Johnson cannot ‘say one way or another’

NFL: Super Bowl LIV-Fox Sports Press Conference Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Former Miami Dolphins and 2020 Hall of Fame class coach Jimmy Johnson met with the media at Super Bowl LIV earlier this week. Having a former Dolphins - and University of Miami - head coach speaking at the Super Bowl in Miami, obviously questions about the Dolphins are going to be asked - especially when the team is searching for a new quarterback this offseason.

Johnson, who now works as an analyst for Fox’s NFL coverage, was asked about two potential quarterback options for the Dolphins in the 2020 NFL Draft. Miami holds three first-round picks, the fifth, the 18th, and the 26th, with the expectation that Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa or Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert will be targeted with one of those selection.

“We watched them every week, Tua, Herbert. I like both of them,” Johnson said. “Tua, I’m concerned about the injuries, he’s already had three. When you start having injuries, the frequency of those injuries escalate as time goes on. Herbert played really well in the Senior Bowl. I was more impressed with Herbert in the Senior Bowl than I was with him at Oregon.”

Tua is rehabbing from a dislocated and fractured hip he sustained mid-season at Alabama in 2019? He also has had ankle and knee issues the two previous seasons.

Who should the Dolphins select at quarterback? “They’re going to have to spend some time on both of them,” Johnson explained. “Unless I knew Tua personally, and sat down with him a lot of times and knew about the injuries,I couldn’t say one way or another.”