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Initial report of Patriots at Dolphins in Mexico City denied by league

Miami Dolphins v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

UPDATE 9:45:

Dave Hyde of the Sun Sentinel is reporting that the report is ‘not true’.

Earlier this season, it was reported that the Miami Dolphins would be forfeiting a home game to play on International soil. Many speculated the team would once again travel to England. Others thought there might be potential to play in Mexico City. No matter the location, the team would be forfeiting one of their home games.

Late last night, we learned that not only would the Dolphins be playing in Mexico City, but they would also be playing against their longtime division rival the New England Patriots.

There is plenty to like about NFL teams playing outside of the country. First, it brings a ton of attention to the league and helps build the sport outside of the United States. It also brings in a ton of revenue. However, from a Dolphins fans’ perspective, things could not be worse.

Not only are they giving up a critical home game to play in a neutral environment. But they are now doing it against one of the most popular teams in the world: a division rival, the New England Patriots.

Come to think of it; there might be more Dolphins fans in Mexico City than there would be at Hard Rock stadium. All jokes aside, things could look very different next season for both teams. And at the very least, this should be one prime time game Dolphins fans can look forward to watching.

Viva la Dolphins